So, you’ve picked the date, chosen the location and pestered the hens; the only thing left to do is to choose the accessories. Now, this can open a whole can of worms. Do you choose a theme? Do you dress the bride in a hilarious hen costume? Will granny wear a leopard-print tail? In truth, these are just minor blips along the journey. With so much to consider, choosing the right accessories should not be a worry if you follow our tips.


Peacocking means to dress flamboyantly and for attention.  The number one rule is that the bride must stand out. Whether that is with a flashing veil, a sequined hairband or a ‘drama queen’ emblazoned tiara, it must mark her role at the party. The good news is thank to fluffy wands and metallic wings there’s more choice than ever and trust us any bird worth her salt has a pair of these. In short, dressing the bride need never be a chore.


An often-underestimated factor in the creation of a great ‘night out’ are what we call ‘fun fuellers’. These are anything to unite a group of unknowns in a light-hearted way. Think inflatable instruments, glitter top microphones, photo props, fake tattoos and of course piñatas There is nothing quite like watching a blindfolded gal aimlessly beat a half bashed unicorn.


Ditch the Traditional Hen Party Accessories 

Traditionally hen party accessories are usually pink, fluffy and involve more inanimate phallic shaped objects than you can shake a stick at. You know what we mean; the sashes, the flashing L Plates, the willy shot glasses, the list goes on, but we think it’s time to take a stand. Hen partiers deserve more credit in the style stakes and it’s time for some sleeker, more subtle alternatives. Go for floral themes, lots of tasteful colour and sophisticated hats that don’t represent the male genitalia.  

To Theme or Not to Theme? That is the question. 

Party themes have become such a big part of hen party planning and unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past decade, you’ll be familiar with the popular ones. Below are some of our favourites.
Theme: 1920’s | Origin: Paris

1920’s style, coined by Coco Chanel has fast become the theme of the hen. There’s something fabulous about slipping into a flapper dress, complete with fishnets, feathers and pearls. If full on flapper is too much to handle you can keep it understated with a feather hairband or cigarette holder. Take 15 girls, each with a dash of 1920’s glamour and you’re onto a winner in the style stakes.
 Theme: Tropical | Origin: Hawaii
This is becoming increasingly popular amongst the brood. Theme Tropicana instantly conjures up images of hula dancing and Pina coladas on the beach and what better way to spend your last night of freedom? Think pineapple shades, inflatable flamingos, neon wigs and pink feather lashes. Unite the party with full on matching accessories or go solo with a touch of trop.
Theme: Animal Fever | Origin: Amazonian Jungle
Who doesn't love an animal-themed party? We’re not sure if it’s those animal instincts kicking in ahead of the big bash but it makes for a great theme. There are so many animal accessories available from a flamingo playsuit to a hen hat, a dalmation tail to an inflatable parrot any everything in between. For a laid back, fun and self-deprecating look pimp your hens in true animalistic fashion.