Tuesday 6th July marks National Kissing Day. This is a day to, quite literally, celebrate kissing. There are loads of great projects associated with kissing that raise money for various causes. It’s also a great time to think about boundaries and to teach kids about consent. 

And, besides all that, it’s a day to appreciate how great a kiss is. 

Similar to National Hugging Day which takes place on the 21st January, National Kissing Day helps connect people through the power of kissing. This is not to say you should ever do anything you don’t want. But it might make you consider the loved ones in your life and prompt you to show them how much you appreciate them. Maybe you need to give your mum or your best friend a kiss on the cheek Or, maybe you and your partner haven’t had an intimate moment with each other for a while. This could be the time to show them how much they mean to you. 

And it really doesn’t need to be anything more than a peck. But, if you do want to up your kissing game and impress your new partner, head over to Kissing Day where you can find some expert tips! 

Something things to consider when going in for the kiss: 

-          Bad Breath

Kissing Day is partnered with the Bad Breath Co. who raise awareness around gum disease and mouth odour issues. This is something you’ll need to consider if you’re going to pucker up to your crush! If you’ve got bleeding gums, you’ll need to get them checked out by your dentist. 

-          Soft lips 

Nobody wants to brush mouths with someone who has chapped lips. More common in the winter months, chapped lips can be a sign of a cold and is best remedied with some natural lip balm. The key is not to lick them – this will only make them worse!

-          Technique 

There’s certainly an art to kissing and something a lot of people can get wrong! You don’t want it to be slobbery, or too pushy. Similarly, you don’t want to clam your lips shut so the other person has to work extra hard. (If this is happening, you probably just aren’t that into the kiss!) Check out this guide on techniques or book onto a flirt and seduce masterclass for something a little naughtier. And, remember: If in doubt, practice on your hand beforehand! 

-          Does this person want to be kissed?

There’s nothing worse than someone going in for a smooch when it’s not wanted in return! Make sure the person actually wants you to kiss them. You can do this by reading the signals and, if you’re feeling bold, you could even ask them first. It’s all about manners you know!   

The Science of Kissing

Kissing isn’t all just fun and games. There is a believed to be a biological reason we all love a good smooch. 

For starters, scientists believe that when we kiss it releases a chemical called oxytocin. They believe it was a way to ensure partners remained monogamous. It’s also the same chemical that mother’s release when they are breastfeeding, ensuring attachment with their child! 

Kissing also releases dopamine, aka, happy hormones! When kissing someone you’re attracted to it make you feel giddy, meaning you’re likely to continue kissing and thus, move on to other things… Or simply makes you feel good. Whatever works for you!

We have lots of fantastic activities that are perfect for romancing you crush — perfect if you're building up to that all important kiss.

Chocolate making — We all know that chocolate is the food of love. In this class you'll learn to make your very own mouth-watering chocolate truffles. You could invite your partner along to this class or take some delectable treats back home to them! 

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