Let’s paint a picture. A freshly-cut green lawn is littered with vintage-styled deck chairs beneath a lavish marquee cover. You and your colleagues walk between beautiful flower arrangements as you sample a range of succulent canapés, somewhere nearby, you hear the pop of an opening prosecco bottle. This isn’t an idyllic fantasy. It’s a realistic snapshot of what your corporate Garden party can look like.

The garden party is more than just putting together a few deck chairs and cracking open the Lambrusco. With some vision and inspiration, a garden party is an incredible opportunity for you and your team to experience a stylish corporate summer event. 

What could be included in your corporate package?

All of the summer events will offer various activities, foods and drinks, depending on the package and the venue chosen, therefore you can opt for the ideal one based on your needs and budget. However, for some inspiration we’ve listed below a hypothetical package of our team’s personal recommendations and summer party ideas to give you an idea for how your event could look.

  • Day and evening hire
  • Summer cocktail on arrival
  • Photographer
  • Summer BBQ
  • Three hours unlimited drinks
  • Evening fairy lights
  • Evening DJ?

This is a mere example of what you might find, however it helps to paint a picture of what to expect, what to consider and what you might want to have included when searching through our summer party venue list.

What can you do with a garden party?

As you’d expect, one of the benefits of a garden party is how it’s a fantastic choice for a summer event at any location across the UK. Our team have a database of venues across the country, from the garden courtyards of luxurious venues to London’s Royal Parks that are able to host your garden party.

A garden party is also hugely adaptable in terms of what you add to it. If you want more than the hum of conversation then you can opt for a package that includes a live band to perform. If you’re afraid of performing the classic stiletto-in-ground stumble, you can opt for one including a temporary decking area. If you’re worried about the elephant in the room – the classic party pooper that is the weather then you can opt for a covered marquee area at your event – after all, when do we ever let the rain get in the way of enjoying summer?

Garden parties are not a usually themed corporate event. A great garden event often doesn’t need it, the focus is on the glamour of the event itself rather than a theme.  However, a number of summer party venues offer themed garden parties, such as an enchanted garden party with stilt-walkers, fairy lights and more – so themes are definitely possible.

What now?

Take a look on the summer party page for garden parties and make an enquiry for the venue and package that best matches your requirements and what you'd like to be included. Earlier the better is always the policy, with many of the popular venues booking up pretty quickly as summer approaches. Also, make sure to check out our list of the best Christmas parties.