Whether you’re at home, going for a virtual experience or travelling abroad, throwing a fancy-dress party can be so much fun. However, it you’re feeling a bit rushed for time or strapped for cash, whipping up a killer fancy dress outfit can prove somewhat stressful. 

You don’t want to buy an outfit that you’ll only wear once, and you don’t want to spend hours creating something you’ll end up spilling wine all over.

That’s why we think that the bond girl fancy dress is an absolute winner. You’re sure to find something in your wardrobe that you can spruce up with some accessories and an awesome hair do. This is perfect for birthday parties, hen do's or pretty much any occasion that requires fancy dress. 

And, with a new bond film being released every other year or so, it’ll never go out of fashion! 

To keep it simple, pick your favourite dress. You can google all the bond looks, so make sure to do your research and find something that fits the dress. Then, grab yourself some glistening jewellery and a fake knife or gun holster that you can strap around your leg. 

Even better, make sure to persuade one of your mates to dress up as James Bond himself who you can wear on your arm! 

For those friends of yours that are a little more fancy dress-mad and hoping for something to really go ‘all out’ on, then they can be as inventive as they like, covering themselves in pure gold like Shirley Eaton of Goldfinger or (although we wouldn’t advise on this) in head-to-toe oil like Gemma Arterton from Quantum of Solace. You can even keep the theme going throughout the entire hen weekend if you wish, opting for a breath-taking bikini when stepping out of the sea (or spa) like Halle Berry and so many other Bond Girls before her. It really is as easy as that!