Be it a **Barcelona hen do**, one in Marbella or one right here in the many destinations found across the UK, there will be one thing that constantly stays the same: the option of doing it all in fancy dress. You can spot a hen party from a mile off because of this and it’s easy to see why most groups go for it, as it adds that little something extra to the occasion to remember it by. But now comes the £64,000 question – what should this ‘fancy dress’ theme actually be?

Do you even pick a theme? Do you choose pop stars? St. Trinians? Go for the obligatory fairy wings, feather boa and flashing ‘L’ plate or something completely different? This is too much to think about when you’re trying to arrange the actual reason for your hen night – the wedding! So if time is at a minimum and inspiration running even lower, why not go for the cheat’s way out? The elegant option of being a Bond Girl for the night.

What better excuse to bring out your favourite dress or even better, take a trip shopping to get the authentic ‘Bond Girl’ look? With the recent release of Skyfall, it couldn’t be a more timely choice of theme either, and if you have been to see the film and for a moment managed to pull yourself away from swooning over Daniel Craig (I’ll admit it, even I started to develop a man-crush... I mean, what other guy jumps between a train that’s breaking in half and first thought is to fasten their cufflinks?!) might have even found yourself thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be great to be a Bond Girl?’

Well now you can and it couldn’t be easier, all you need is the aforementioned best dress, some glistening jewellery, a holstered fake gun or knife on your thigh for effect and of course, your very own Mr. Bond on your arm.

For those friends of yours that are a little more fancy dress-mad and hoping for something to really go ‘all out’ on, then they can be as inventive as they like, covering themselves in pure gold like Shirley Eaton of Goldfinger or (although I wouldn’t advise on this) in head-to-toe oil like Gemma Arterton from Quantum of Solace. You can even keep the theme going throughout the entire **hen weekend** if you wish, opting for a breath-taking bikini when stepping out of the sea (or spa) like Halle Berry and so many other Bond Girls before her.

It’s your one and only hen celebration after all, so why wouldn’t you want to choose the fanciest ‘fancy dress’ there is?

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