We’ve all been there; you turn up at the networking event ready to gain some valuable contacts and hopefully some new opportunities. However you’re a little hungry and without really thinking about it you grab something from the nearest waiter… It just so happens to be a sweet teriyaki chicken thing and now your fingers are covered in sticky goo. ARG!! To make matters worse the person you wanted to speak to finally turns to shake your hand…

This is the story of my professional life.  Now you’d think the easy solution would be to not eat, however after you’ve been on your feet running around meeting clients and generally being a cosmopolitan busy body – you need the fuel. And these networking events are one of the best ways to both do your job and feed yourself. So what do you do? Starve?? Or be forever known as “sticky fingers”?

Neither in my opinion: this situation can be avoided by simply being more careful with menu planning – prior to the event. For starters (or should I say for canapés?) the event manager/caterer should always keep the purpose of the event in mind.  In this instance, if it’s a networking even, then there are a few obvious things to avoid. Excessive use of onions, garlic, etc., anything too fiddly to eat and of course (my personal bug bear) anything really sticky.

I can appreciate though that it’s hard to think of canapés that are both interesting and easy to eat (that isn’t a cheese straw but that’s not very interesting.) So to help you out , we’ve listed listed some of our favourite canapés below that are “sticky situation free!”

  • Mini chicken  & mushroom tart
  • Cake pops
  • Gazpacho  shots
  • Halloumi skewers
  • Blinis with smoked salmon
  • Scallop pops
  • Pork crackling straws
  • Cupcakes

As you’ve noticed most of the above foods are either skewered, in glasses or are themselves encased in a product that is dry and not sticky. These are the types of foods that should be served during any corporate networking event in order to avoid any messy mishaps.

These tips may prove vital if you have been put in charge of arranging the Edinburgh Christmas party or Christmas party in Brighton.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired now, so the next time you’re in charge of catering for a networking event – make sure you keep this post in mind (and those sticky handshakes at bay!)