We like to think that we've got our pulse on the wedding industry and its trends and I couldn't help but notice that there’s a micro trending happening at the moment –  chief bridesmaid proposals. Now it’s arguable whether or not this trend was created by clever Etsy craftspeople or not, but if you ignore that fact then I think this is a really cute trend.

So if you’re a future bride and you're planning to ‘pop the question’ to your future CBM (Chief Bridesmaid) then below is a list of some really cute ways to do so…

Ask with a ‘bribe’ card


Nobody wants to be the bridesmaid who has to wear the puffy peach dress. So if you bribe them with the promise that you're not going to make them wear something hideous on the day then they may be more inclined to accept!




With a ‘subtle’ card




The chief bridesmaid will be planning your hen do and whilst it's technically to meant to be a surprise for the bride -there's nothing saying you can't drop her a subtle 'hint'.




Ask with an ‘honest’ card




It's the 21st century ladies, we don't do Hallmark cards any more. It's funnier to be honest and upfront. So you might as well tell your bridesmaids (in the nicest possible way) what you expect them to do!




Ask with a ‘promise’ card




Nobody likes to deal with Bridezilla so if you can tick this off the front of the card then she’ll have it in writing and chances are you’ll have your CBM!




Or if you’re fed up with cards, a goody box






Admittedly this will take more effort but this is a great idea of you want to create something really personal for your future CBM. You can fill it with trinkets that you both share, things she likes or just things you think she’d like. Either way this is your chance to show her that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into picking her for your CBM.




However you could always ask them with clever jewellery




Just make sure it’s something she would wear otherwise she may never actually wear it.




Or with jewellery you can actually eat…




However if you opt for decoration she can eat then it won’t be problem!




And just other things you can eat




If you want to get everybody involved, then you could always make custom cookies popping the big question to all your bridesmaids.




Failing that there’s always wine




If however, you are really struggling then your best bet is to go for something that every woman worth her weight in well… let’s just cut to the chase. WINE.  Get her a bottle of wine and if she still has the nerve to decline then she’s rubbish.




Because who in their right mind says no to a party invite and free wine???