Fancy a night out with a difference? Alcotraz in Brighton is the city’s newest immersive experience where convincing actors, realistic sets and delicious cocktails combine for an unforgettably quirky and Instagrammable activity you’ll never forget.


Enter Alcotraz

Following the success of their Moonshine Saloon and Pirates of the Hidden Spirit immersive experiences in London, Inventive Ideas have brought their fun BYOB cocktail experience concept down to the sunny South Coast. Now it’s time to enter Alcotraz Penitentiary, a US-style prison speakeasy bar where you’ll be sentenced to an hour and 45 minutes of fun during a tongue-in-cheek, theatrical experience that’s hidden in a secret basement below the unsuspecting footsteps on Brighton seafront.


You’ll instantly be immersed in this new world as you’re immediately greeted at the door by the crooked yet strict guard who gives you a mission to smuggle your own liquor inside, concealed cleverly in a ‘bible.’ Sneak yours in without getting caught and you’ll be rewarded with delicious, bespoke cocktails once inside. Think that orange is the new black? It’s time to find out as you all don those iconic orange jumpsuits and enter the cell block where you’ll encounter all sorts of shady characters…and we’re not just talking about the people you came with!


Cell Block One Three

Once inside Alcotraz Brighton, you’ll be transported to the US prison shows and movies we all know and love with realistic and dimly lit sets with retro posters, benches, stools and even a toilet for you to sit on…not use! Signs on the walls detail the prison rules and the canteen is at the back which secretly operates as a bar. Ssshhh! You’ll meet the super stern warden who’ll direct you to your cells where one of the canteen workers will meet you to sneak your smuggled in liquor away. Just make sure the eagle-eyed warden doesn’t spot you!


You’ll be surprised at what the canteen staff are able to discreetly whip up using your contraband. There’s no drink menu in prison (of course!) but they’ll make a range of prohibition era style cocktails, tailored to your taste and what you’ve smuggle in, served in a metal cup. If the warden gets suspicious, just tell him it’s soup! Prepare to lose yourself in the realistic theatrical performances with loads of audience participation and a fantastic standard of acting from all the prison staff who look, sound and feel like the real deal!


Immersive Fun for Any Occasion

Immersive experiences are the new craze taking the nation by storm! However, we bet when you’re thinking of ideas for a night out, birthday, team jolly, stag or hen do in Brighton that spending time behind bars has never entered your mind. But that’s about to change, guys and girls!


Alcotraz is a refreshing change from a Brighton cocktail making night at a bar or club, throwing you into the action of a realistic yet tongue-in-cheek prison experience with delicious drinks to enjoy. Whether there’s two of you or a big group of inmates, you’re in for a great night out. We just know that you and your friends will be raving about it for ages after!


Make Your Social Media Followers Jealous

This immersive experience in Brighton is made for Instagram as it’s jam-packed with film-worthy sets, props and costumes that make you look like you’ve stepped on to the set of a classic American prison movie or TV show.

Top photo ops include sitting in your cell, standing with your backs to the walls, when you get that all-important “one phone call,” and, of course, selfies of you all in those rather fetching orange jumpsuits!


Ready for Your Night Behind Bars?

If all that sounds like your kind of fun, click the link to find out more about Alcotraz prison cocktail experience in Brighton now. From here, you can place your enquiry for your ideal date, time and group size with the activity provider getting back to you directly to confirm availability, answering any questions and getting you booked in at your convenience.


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