As of today, the 2nd of April 2020, will be rebranded to sit within our sister site

Fizzbox, our online marketplace, makes group bookings easy by connecting customers to amazing experiences across the UK and Europe. will now be operating under the Fizzbox brand and all new visitors to the website will be redirected to

Existing customers will still be able to view product details, Ts&Cs and log into their Party Hub via The Eventa Group site:

We can guarantee you that anyone with an existing booking will not be affected, and that our customers remain our number one priority. However, we understand that some may have a few questions, so we’ve added some FAQs below to ease any concerns!


Will my booking be affected?
Please be assured that your booking is still in place and will be handled just as before, with our usual high level of customer service, up until your departure and beyond. You will still be able to access your Party Hub and our team are on hand should you need any support with your booking.

Can I still view the Hen Heaven website?
The domain that you are used to visiting will now take you directly to Fizzbox. However, you can view the old Hen Heaven website for product details, Ts&Cs, general information and reassurance via this new domain:

I’ve been issued a credit note because my trip was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – can I still use it?
Absolutely! Customers who have been issued with a credit note as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will still be able to use this to rebook their arrangements via Hen Heaven. When you’re ready to rebook, just drop us a line via your Party Hub and we will support you with this.

I am sure my booking will be affected by COVID-19 but haven’t had a response from your team yet – does this change complicate things further?
We have a skeleton staff working through all bookings affected by COVID-19, in priority order based on departure date. We can assure you that you will hear from us as soon as possible. Please don’t worry; the rebrand to Fizzbox will not complicate things further.

I have a booking through The Stag Company – is there anything I need to know?
No. This change does not affect The Stag Company, which will continue to operate as a standalone brand.