Are you looking to have a spooky and unforgettable Halloween Hen Party but are in need of some ideas? Well here we’ve put together a few that you and the girls might like to try…

Haunted Tours
If you have a group of girls that are looking to try something different, why not take a trip to a Haunted Destination like Edinburgh Castle and tour round the 3,000 year old building. Or take a ‘City of The Dead Tour’ where you and the ladies will be frightened by the ghostly city with its dark history and chilling atmosphere.

Treats without the Tricks
If you are looking for something a little less intense, then perhaps try making some tasty Halloween treats. Why not try cooking up some banana mummies with white chocolate wrapped round it will googly eyes? Or you could try spicing up your evening with some glowing Jell-O shots that will be sure to start off your evening in a spooky-spirit.

Zombie Galore
Or why not try something a little more exciting like visiting the Zombie Boot Camp in Birmingham, which will be sure to frighten the girls a little. Here you will take part in weapons training and learn to master your fighting techniques to prepare to win in the zombie apocalypse – here, teamwork is key!

For The Dancers
Or take part in something a little more creative like dressing up in your favourite Halloween character and put on some spooky makeup and get ready to dance the night away… To make the night best you and the girls could rent out an apartment and bring along some spooky Halloween drinks and treats that will make the night a little more exciting. The Thriller Dance set is one of our top selling dancing hen do activities, while bookings always peak in late October, as everyone wants to learn the moves from a professional so when they hit the dancefloor you can look like a team of Channing Tatums.

Escape Rooms
If you're heading to the West, the Bristol Escape Rooms are a top option, with some pretty gruesome storylines, including a madman chasing you with a chainsaw! This is one for the brave, not for the feint of heart such as myself.