Halloween is the spookiest, scariest and most sugar-filled time of year, right?

It’s also a time to get dressed up and have a good ol’ party. That’s right, this time of year isn’t just for kids. Adults have a great time dressing up for themed Halloween parties, popping in their vampire teeth and getting happy with the fake blood. 

However, Halloween also gets a bad rap and there’s often pressure to wear the most sexiest and provocative outfits in order to win best dress. Not only is this totally not scary, but it defeats the point of Halloween. This is about scaring people, not seducing them (unless you’re Medusa, of course). 

Well, this doesn’t need to be the case. 

Check out this list of 19 least sexy Halloween costumes to go against the norm and truly terrify your mates. You’ll find some real-life scares and ideas from your favourite horror movies. Yikes!

1.       Donald Trump 
We had to put this one at the top of the list. What better costume than our very own, real-life American present? Grab some fake tan, spray your hair bleached-blond and put on blue suit. Your mates will be running for miles! 

2.       Frankenstein’s Monster
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a classic and Frankenstein’s monster is a fantastic costume that you’ll probably find at almost any Halloween party. You’ll need green face paint and a fake nail that looks like it’s been screwed right through your skull. Ew! 

3.       Corpse Bride 
From Tim Burton’s 2005 movie of the same name, The Corpse Bride is beautifully melancholy character who anyone would fall in love with. Unfortunately, she is a corpse. You can really go to town and play around with some Burton-style make up. Think big, sad eyes and deathly blue skin.

4.       Beetlejuice 
A horror classic and another Tim Burton creation. Beetlejuice is a vile creature that pops up if you utter his name three times. Just be careful you don’t conjure him up at your Halloween party!

5.       Zombie 
Zombies have become all the rage in the last few years. It’s probably thanks to The Walking Dead, but it’s always a fantastic go-to costume. 

6.       Vampire 
Ah, Dracula. The root of many kids’ nightmares. All you’ll need is some fangs, fake blood and a black clock. Just don’t get too thirsty… 

7.       Samara from The Ring 
Those terrifying words: ‘Seven days’. That’s the amount of time Samara gives you to live when you when you watch her video tape. Just make sure to pass it on before you’re the next victim! For this one, you’ll need a long black wig to hang over your face. Don’t forget that silent death stare when anyone speaks to you. 

8.       Clown 
Who isn’t afraid of clowns? This one is another classic and one you can bring out year after year. You could even go that next step and turn yourself into Stephen King’s Pennywise. He’s every nightmare you’ve ever had!

9.       Witches 
You don’t want to anger a witch. Who knows what curse she’ll lay on your and your family… This is a super-easy costume and one you can pick up pretty cheaply online. 

10.   Billy the Puppet from Saw
For anyone who has seen the Saw movies, you’ll understand how creepy Billy the puppet is. You’ll need some clever make up skills for this one. The tiny bike is optional. 

11.   The Devil 
This mythical creature is portrayed in almost every culture and religion. You can really make this your own by creating your own horns and getting creative with your make up. 

12.   Annabelle from Conjuring 
If your friends hate creepy dolls, then this one is an absolute must. Annabelle wears a big plaited wig, a white doll’s dress and a terrifying smile. 

13.   The Purge 
This dystopian film franchise centres on the idea that society would be a better place if we have one national holiday every year that allowed us to commit every crime imaginable. The idea is that it would ‘purge’ us of our sins and desires. Purgers wear horrifying masks to hide their identity.  You’ll be able to grab one online – easy peasy! 

14.   The Babadook 
This quirky psychological horror movie features a kid who hides from an imaginary monster. Though his mother doesn’t believe him at first, she soon starts seeing a strange hand-drawn creature who seems to be half-man half-monster. This one truly is terrifying, quirky and a fantastic costume to go for, if you can pull it off! 

15.   White Walker from Game of Thrones 
Game of Thrones fans can dress up as the terrifying half-zombie-type-creatures, the White Walkers. These are pretty invincible, so be sure to watch your friends cower as you turn up in your mask and black costume. 

16.   Voldemort 
He-who-should-not-be-named is one of the most famous fictional villains in history. Get a mate to dress up as Harry Potter and you’ll look like the real deal! 

17.   Jack the Ripper 
This real-life serial killer can be achieved by wearing some Victorian clothes, top hat and cloak. Make sure to get a fake dagger and walking stick to really complete the look! 

18.   Momo Mask 
This bizarre internet hoax went viral when kids started spotting this ‘demonic chicken lady’ popping up across the web. Though it’s totally fake, it’s still terrifying! 

19.   Morphsuit 
This is a skin-tight suit that covers you from your head to your toes. It even covers up your face so can be weirdly disconcerting when your mates are trying to talk to you. 
Remember, you can always wear these costumes on your Brighton stag do or Liverpool hen party, or even on a birthday party in London.