There are literally thousands of reasons that anyone visiting Brighton would fall in love with the Sussex seaside town, but what we’ve done is narrow it down to what we believe to be 10 of the best reasons you’ll love Brighton, for a hen weekend or otherwise.

It’s by the Sea

First and foremost, Brighton is by the sea. For most people this is enough for them to love it there, and you just can’t beat a summer’s day spent on the beach with a few drinks, a little portable BBQ and your friends. Of course there is also the Pier but we’ll get to that later!

It has pubs and clubs to suit every taste

No matter what type of night out you prefer you’ll find somewhere in Brighton to cater for you. From the big clubs such as Oceana right the way down to smaller venues such as The Haunt, with places like Coalition, Digital and Shoosh in between, you will discover a wide array of different music styles and club nights taking place each weekend.

It has its own ferris wheel

The Brighton Wheel didn’t start its life in Brighton; in fact it was manufactured in Germany and shipped to South Africa where it was an attraction at the 2010 World Cup before being transported to Brighton in September 2011. You’ll cop a fantastic view of the Brighton coastline when you take a ride, especially if you’re lucky enough to ride on a day with good weather.

Home to over 400 restaurants

Brighton has some of the best and most charming restaurants in the country, meaning that you’ll never have trouble finding somewhere to eat. From chain restaurants such as Ask, Zizzi, and Nandos to delightful independent establishments such as Sabai, Iydea, and the Giggling Squid, all cuisines are covered so it’s worth doing a bit of digging to find the perfect restaurant for your hens.

Adonis cabaret

Ok so maybe we’re a little bit biased because we get on so well with the Adonis Cabaret lot, but their show is one of the best around (although I’m still yet to see it, but Cat knows more than enough about Adonis Cabaret). It is consistently one of our most popular hen party activities in Brighton and we’ve never known anyone to come away from the show looking disappointed! It is the perfect show for your hen weekend in Brighton. **Find out more now**!

The Laines

With over 400 independent businesses squeezed into this small section of Brighton it’s no wonder the North Laines prove so popular to both Brighton residents and visitors to the town. You’ll find everything you could possibly want from a shopping trip, including vintage stalls, independent record stores, pubs, restaurants, clothes shops, specialist shops, and much more. The North Laines is also a great place to grab a coffee for a breather and get in a spot of people watching, there is no other place like Brighton for it!

The Pier

A pier is almost considered the cornerstone of any seaside town, and Brighton is no different. Although the West Pier was closed in 1975, and subject to partial collapse and fires in 2002/2003 there is still the Palace Pier (now named Brighton Pier), which can be found near the wheel. It offers everything you would expect from a pier; ice creams, doughnuts, amusement arcades, fish and chips, funfair attractions, deck chairs. You name it, the pier has it.

Brighton Rock

It might be 2014 but Brighton Rock is still going strong! Grab your friends a stick from the seaside, you’ll find small shops along the seafront that sell plenty of different sticks of rock, you may even be able to get one with your friends name through the middle of it. Failing that, the classic pink stick of rock with ‘Brighton’ all the way through it will definitely suffice.


Who doesn’t love shopping? Although it may not be on a par with places such as Manchester or Leeds for the higher end of retail fashion, Brighton more than makes up for this with its sheer amount of vintage and independent clothes shops found in the town. You’ve got the North Laines of course, as well as the Marina, Churchill Square, The Lanes, and every other square inch of the town.

Cocktail Making

What could be better than actually getting to mix some of the cocktails you love to drink for once? Learn how to mix some of the classics and try the results out yourself! It’s the perfect thing to do on your hen weekend in Brighton. It’s also ideal for large groups, Birthday parties, just about an instance that you’ve got a group of your friends together really! **Find out more about cocktail making in Brighton here**.

You can even **create your own hen weekend** in Brighton using our quote form. Just choose what you want to do, fill out the fields and not only will you’ll get a rough price but one of our team will give you a call to chat about your plans. Not bad huh?!