If you’ve been working remotely throughout the last year, chances are you’ve enjoyed your fair share of online coffee-break banter or after-work drinks viz Zoom. It’s safe to say that the virtual world has become a large part of our lives.

And, with that, virtual activities have become an important part of the team bonding experience. Connecting employees has never been so important. Working from home can be incredibly isolating, so ensuring we stay in touch with our teammates and keeping those lines of communication open is vital in promoting a positive and productive workforce.

But what do virtual experiences involve and how can you use them to help connect your team?

Well, we recently tried out the hilarious Big Virtual Game Show experience with our team here at Fizzbox. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this experience so that you can make the best decision when planning a virtual team-building event for your team. Spoiler alert: you won’t be disappointed!

big virtual game show

What is a Virtual Game Show Experience? 

The Big Virtual Game Show Experience is for all the game show nerds out there. Inspired by popular TV game shows from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, you’ll find everything here that your competitive heart’s desire. There will be lots of questions, themed rounds and tons of fun. What more could you want?

The games are hosted by member of the Shizzoo activity provider via Zoom and can be joined by up to 40 people. This means that your team can join from wherever they are in the world, regardless of location. Each participant will have their own seat on the Zoom and can freely communicate with the host and their teammates.  

This event is designed to help your team connect remotely, but it also promotes several important team bonding elements:  

Employees can meet people from different departments

Promotes healthy competitiveness and problem-solving

Breaks the ice — ideal for new starters

Rewards hard work

How Does the Virtual Game Show Experience Work? 

The Big Virtual Game Show takes 60-70 minutes depending on the size of your company. At your pre-booked time and date, the event will be available to join via Zoom.

Please note: Before the event, it’s important that each participant downloads the SpeedQuizzing Live app onto a mobile device of their choice. This is how they’re going to answer questions and rack up points for their team. For more information on this app, follow this link to find out how you can set up SpeedQuizzing live on your mobile device.

Once you’re ready to start, everyone can join the Zoom link that’ll be sent to you by the activity provider. After a short introduction from you host the games will begin!

There are several rounds involved in The Big Virtual Game Show with a couple of handy add-ons of your choice.

Face off

 In this round, each participant must choose another player to draw. You can make these as life-like or hilarious as you like, but remember they’ll be used later on in the game to score points. It’s the perfect way to test your team’s artistic skills!

Face off

Who Wants to be a Team Captain? 

It’s time to pick your team captain! But what better way than in the style of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? After being split into two teams, each side will get multiple choice question and the person with the quickest answer will win and, ultimately, become the team captain.

Celebrity Boss — Bonus Round  

The Celebrity Boss game is a bonus round that you can add on for an extra £100 on top of the standard Big Virtual Game Show package. This hilarious round will have you in stitches as you and your team must guess what celebrity your boss is disguising themselves as. You’ll need to send a photo in beforehand and the activity provider will Photoshop your bosses’ face onto a famous person.

The Conveyor Belt 

Get ready to test your memory in the Conveyor Belt Round. Both teams will watch a series of images flash up on the screen. From teddy bears to TVs, famous characters and party objects; you’ll need to remember as many as you can before you shout them out at the end. The team with the most correct answers gets the points!

Our Survey Says 

I’ve you’re a fan of the TV game show, Pointless, you’ll know a little of what to expect during the Our Survey Says round. Although you won’t be searching for pointless answers. Instead, you’ll need to figure out what the most popular answers are to a series of questions that were asked during a survey of 100 people. What do people do in the shower? And what are some popular water activities? Test how well you know the public and bag yourselves some points!


This is the chance to win BIG points! The voice-activated Blinko machine will drop different bonus balls when a player shouts ‘DROP!’. This is where your Face Off challenge might come into play and you’ll get to hold up your drawing and win extra points. It really is all to play for!  


How to Organise the Virtual Game Show Experience with Your Team?

If you’d like to book The Big Virtual Game Show for your team, simply head over to our listing where you can pick the number of participants and time of day.

It’s recommended that you send the invites to your event out about a month in advance. Before you book, you could send out a survey or a workplace social post to get a feel for the number of people that would like to attend. You could ask what time of day would work best for them and what part of the week they’d prefer.

Once you’ve chosen your time and day and booked your spot on The Big Virtual Game Show, you’ll receive a Zoom link that you can email out to your colleagues.   

Here Are Some Things That Our Staff Said About the Event

“It felt nostalgic revisiting old tv gameshows! Great addition to have the use of your phone during the game! It was great fun.”

“It was such good fun and really felt like you were taking part in popular game shows that you’ve watched on tv. I would definitely do it again!” 

“A fun way to socialise with my team remotely.”

“It was a really fast paced, fun and engaging event that I would definitely do again.”

Ready To Book Your Virtual Team Building Experience?

Treat your team to some epic online events designed to promote bonding and productivity

Virtual Experiences

And there you have it! We felt that the Big Virtual Game Show was a huge success. Our team were able to have a laugh and enjoy some time away from work together — something that’s hugely important since we haven’t been in the office for a whole year.

As we slowly move out of the pandemic, we believe that virtual team building is here to stay. This past year has taught many companies that it is possible to have a flexible approach to remote working, with a few closing their offices all together to embrace the digital age.   

What does your working pattern look like for the foreseeable future? Get in touch today and we can discuss how we can help you and your team embrace virtual team building.