If like me you’re not the best when it comes to packing and travelling then you’ll love some of these ‘travel hacks’ you can for your hen do. From saving space when packing to surviving without an iron I’ve picked out ten hacks that I think will be the ideal way to make your hen weekend easier, leaving you more time to have a fantastic weekend with the girls.

Roll, don’t fold

We may as well start with packing, and you can fill your bag or suitcase in a much better way if you roll your clothes instead of folding them. Roll ‘em up tight and you should end up with fewer creases in your clothes once you arrive at your hotel. You can try folding or bundling but this is my favourite method. Whether you can be bothered to do this when you pack to come home is a completely different matter though, it might be too much trouble for a Sunday morning when you feel incredibly hungover.

Use straws to stop necklaces getting tangled

You’ll probably be taking accessories with you on the hen weekend as well, and the more you take the more likely they’ll end up getting all tangled in your suitcase. If you want to take 7 necklaces but you don’t want to spend hours trying to separate them just grab a bunch of drinking straws. Thread the necklace through the straw, do up the fastening and there you go; no more wrestling with your necklaces when you should be getting ready.

Don’t buy small toiletries, just buy small containers online and fill them yourself

You might be lucky enough to head abroad on your hen do, in which case you might try and fit everyone into a bag that you can bring onto the plane as hand luggage. It’s cheaper than paying for hold luggage and you can completely bypass having to wait for your suitcase on the luggage carousel. However, you can’t carry liquids over 100ml and the tiny travel toiletries aren’t always great value. So why not just get a bunch of small bottles and fill them up with what you need? Easy.

Pack your shoes in shower caps

You’re packing to come home (sad face) after a great weekend, you’ve got some shoes to pack and they’re a little bit dirty? No problem, just grab a shower cap and place them in there. Now you can pack them away and not have to worry about getting your clothes even dirtier on the way home!

Use a pencil or sunglasses case to store wires when travelling

Chances are you’ll have some wires to bring with you, 99.999999999% of everyone ever takes their mobile on their holiday or hen weekend, and you might even need chargers for mp3 players, tablets, and all manner of other electronics. Rather than haphazardly throwing all of your wires in your suitcase and hoping for the best just use an old pencil case or sunglasses case to keep everything neat and tidy.

Once you get on holiday use these hacks to make sure your weekend is hassle free, and more enjoyable.

Forgot your travel adaptor? Check your TV

More and more TVs come with some form of USB input on them now, so if you find that you’ve got your charger cables but you’ve forgotten an adaptor for the plug have a quick look at the back of the TV in your hotel room. If you can find a USB input then plug your phone in and relax. Failing that you’ll have to get an adaptor but ask at the reception desk, so many get left behind then they’ll most likely have one you can borrow, at least.

Make a speaker out of inanimate objects

Picture the scene, you’ve got to your hotel on the first night of your hen weekend, everyone is just starting to get ready and you want to get the tunes going but nobody has a portable speaker and there are no music channels on the hotel TV! Noooooooooooooooo! Don’t worry though, just grab a mug or a glass and pop your phone in there, hey presto, instant speaker! If you can’t lay your hands on a glass or mug you can always try getting a used toilet roll, cutting a wide slot out of it and then popping your phone in there.

Hide some emergency money somewhere, like an empty lipbalm

To avoid the unfortunate situation of getting your purse stolen and having no money for the rest of your holiday there are plenty of things you can do. One of the better ones I’ve seen is using an old lipbalm to put a few notes in, chances are if someone gets their light fingers in your bag they’ll go straight for the purse. Not ideal I know, but I don’t think many thieves target lipbalm. Unless they’ve read this blog…

Book a bar crawl to get to know the area

Sometimes trying to find some of the best bar, pubs and clubs in a city you’re unfamiliar with can be a real problem. A great way to discover the best places to go is to book a bar crawl for your first night. You won’t need to worry about where to go because your guide will already know, leaving everyone to enjoy a great first night at some of the best establishments around. Just make sure you remember the names of the places you go if you like them enough to go back the next night.

No iron? Hang clothes in the bathroom when you shower

Nobody wants to waste time ironing when they’re on a hen do or holiday, so sidestep ironing completely by hanging up your clothes in the bathroom when you shower. Make sure it’s hot enough to get loads of steam in the room and any creases in your clothes should just fall out. Unless you don’t mind wearing creased clothes on a night out, but I think only boys do that.
If you’ve got any travel hacks that you think would be useful for other hens then show us them in the comments!