Have you always dreamt of becoming a Jedi Warrior and fighting in an intergalactic battle? Now there’s no need to travel to a galaxy far away, instead you can head to either London or Brighton to become a Jedi Warrior! This may sound like something completely out of this world, but Star Wars Day is on May the 4th meaning this is your excuse to go Star Wars mad.

That’s exactly what we did here at Fizzbox! In preparation for the 4th of May we went Star Wars mad without traveling to a galaxy far away. We went to London to learn how to battle like a Jedi and even used lightsabres!

We joined forces with one of our fantastic suppliers, List of Life, for the event and got to grips with our lightsabres, learnt how to duel and enjoyed pizzas while we chatted about Fizzbox and all things- Star Wars!

The two-hour class was led by Jedi expert Rico, who was both informative and entertaining. Rico taught us all we needed to know as rookie Jedi warriors, guiding us through the attack and defence moves. By the end of the class, we felt like true Jedi Knight pros. We were able to fight the forces of evil whilst mastering the technique of using a light sabre - it’s not as easy as it looks!

We started our session using a wooden light sabre in order to learn basic techniques. These included the defensive postures, overhand strikes, perries and counters.  This has proven to be a very popular Brighton stag do activity. Thanks to Rico, we learnt all the essential skills and moves needed by a Jedi for successful combat.

As we progressed and began to master the techniques, our wooden lightsabres were upgraded to the real thing! Our new weapons were fantastic red or green light up lightsabres with action sounds, giving us a brilliant immersive experience.

The class ended with an ultimate duel where we were to able to demonstrate everything we’d learned during the session in an action-packed battle of a Jedi duel.

If you want to train to be a Jedi warrior and use your new skills to fight the dark side of the force, you can with Fizzbox in London and Brighton with Jedi Training. This two-hour session of Jedi Training is a unique and quirky experience and a brilliant alterative activity for a Star Wars fanatic.   

The session will commence with the initial lightsabre training with a wooden sword, so you can get a feel for using the weapon. The initial training will give you an opportunity to learn the moves and techniques that you need to become a Jedi Warrior.

Once you have mastered the technique of fighting like a true Jedi, you’ll be able to move on from using a wooden sword and progress to using the lightsabre. Battle against your opponent just like Yoda with your newly learnt skill as a Jedi warrior.

As Yoda once said: “Jedi should always pass on what they have learned.” In following with Yoda’s wise words, the skilled professional instructors will teach you a realistic choreographed duel which you’ll perform at the end of the two-hour session.

After this intensive training, will you embrace your inner Jedi and become a true Jedi warrior, or will you turn out to be part of the dark side and become a Sith Lord?

Jedi Training is a fantastically quirky activity that is perfect for a Star Wars fanatic, or if you’re someone just looking for something different and fun to do. Check out our listings for Jedi Training here.

Thanks to our activity supplier, List of Life, and all our journalist and blogger friends that came along. It was great getting to know you all and fighting the dark side. May the force be with you this May the fourth!