The allure of the British institution that is the stag and hen party is spreading far and wide, with a couple of recent articles popping up online about the rise of these weekends in both the Ukraine and even in India.

While UK hen and stag groups are well versed in trips to Eastern Europe for a final send off, it would appear that our European counterparts are only just discovering just how much fun a stag or hen party can be. Perhaps disappointingly, the director of a Ukrainian events agency quoted in the original article notes America as being their main influence for the rise in popularity of their pre-wedding parties.

We all know this isn't true, as the UK is clearly light years ahead of the US when it comes to their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, something that Fizzbox and The Stag Company are on a mission to prove, not just to you but to the entire world! Whether it’s a weekend down here in the home city of Fizzbox, Brighton or a jolly to the favoured destination of a certain Essex reality TV program Marbella, Brits do it better! Mind you, fair play to any party that features a penis shaped cake.

We may have to keep on our toes though, as another article about the rising popularity of stag and hen parties in India raves about themed parties and fancy dress. Event planning companies are starting to spring up in India as brides and grooms-to-be all look to enjoy their last night of freedom. Costume and party stores are also seeing a rise in demand for fancy dress costumes and all kind of accessories that can be used in just about any way for a hen or stag do.

The new wave of Indian brides and grooms must be taking their cues from the UK though, as many people in the industry are recognising that these parties are no longer centred around one night of drinking, but more towards a weekend that takes in drinking, activities and a whole lotta fun and games! Mind you, there is some ground to be made up though, as these parties aren't yet being held on the grand scale that other nations do so. Plenty of time for that to change though!

For the time being though, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that UK brides and grooms-to-be are by far the undisputed queens and kings of the hen and stag party world!