The first dance as husband and wife (the giddy little hopping you did at the alter doesn’t count by the way.) It’s a big deal: it’s the tune that will inevitably become “your song” so the pressure to pick the right one is paramount. But before we get to the first dance songs for your wedding, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind…

Make sure you pick the song together

It’s the song that you’re both going to dance to, so you should both make the decision together. Instead of making it a chore though, I suggest making an evening of it and making it fun! Order a takeaway or pizza. Pull out a bottle of wine or a few beers. Grab all your favourite records. Or power up Spotify if that’s how you listen to music nowadays (it’s where all my music is) and get ready to listen and laugh together. Talk about your favourite songs together, get up and dance around in your living room. Be silly, get into the moment. It’s your wedding. Planning stuff like this should be fun!



Make it a song that everyone at the wedding will “get”

You need to pick a song that everyone will appreciate (keep in mind if there will be kids at your wedding.) Because even if you two already have “a song” it might not translate as well into a big family event - so keep that in mind when choosing the tune!



Make sure can actually dance to it

I’m not talking about hiring Louie from Pineapple Studios to choreograph a whole number for you. I’m talking about having a practice with your fiancé to see how you both dance together. Holding each other and slowly rocking from one foot to the other is kind of painful to watch for everyone. So try and make your dance a little more than just that! If you have the budget to hire a choreographer then great, but if you don’t have budget then just have a few practices beforehand to make sure you nail it on the day.



Make it relatively short

If you're favourite song is 6 minutes long, then shorten it. A first dance song shouldn't be any longer than 3 minutes. Any longer and you risk boring everyone. So keep that in mind when choosing the tune, or if you really want a particular song, consider finding a shortened down version for the big day,



Make sure you don’t become a fame chaser

It’s very “in” right now to try and pick a song that will go viral because it’s edgy or funny. However you should remember that your wedding day is about you. Not about you getting your 15 minutes of fame.  Whilst yes, it would be nice for your wedding dance to become a viral hit. That shouldn’t be the goal with your song. I’m not saying it can’t be funny or unique. It can be, but it should be like that because that’s how you are as a couple.



Make sure you have fun with it!

Yes it’s important and yes you have to pick the right song but don’t forget to have fun with it. So even if you practice and it doesn’t work out on the actual day. Shake it off and enjoy yourself!  For an example - just look at the couple below (even though it's blatantly choreographed.)




Phew! I know that was a long list but it was an important list, and one that you would be wise to heed! So take what I’ve told you and listen to the Fizzbox First Dance Ideas Playlist below to give you some inspiration and to get you into the first dance mindset!



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