If you sometimes find yourself groaning at inopportune moments having just had a hazy flashback to your behaviour at the last office party you’re not alone.

It’s rare that a work social passes without someone, somewhere having a little too much to drink and getting a carried away on the dancefloor.

Naturally we can’t be there to stop you getting your groove on to a Wham medley, but with all the best will in the world we suggest you read our hints and tips on how to behave during a work social!

  • Some people absolutely love work parties, while others dislike the idea of having to spend any more time than necessary with their colleagues. Naturally if you don’t want to be typecast as the office spoilsport you should at least make some effort to attend…assuming you’ve no viable excuse.
  • If you’re determined to make your stay a short one, try not to look too much like the experience is akin to having your teeth pulled out and do your utmost to avoid being the first to leave. Lighten up; a couple of drinks and a little idle discourse won’t do any harm and you can always set Sky + to record Masterchef.
  • It doesn’t matter where, when or what you’re doing, the chances are your work party will begin with small talk predominantly based around work matters. That’s fine for a while, but don’t be the person moaning for hours about lazy colleagues and the awfulness of the canteen menu.
  • When the boss turns up, don’t see it as your cue to deliver a lecture on all the things they’re doing wrong. They won’t appreciate it and unlike you they probably won’t forget it either.
  • If you’ve had the office shindig circled in your calendar for months, it’s fine to be the first to arrive. Just don’t be the last one still throwing shapes on the dance floor.
  • Keep guitars, air or otherwise, at home and while we’re on the subject of music, unless clubbers in Ibiza know who you are, don’t ever offer to be the DJ.
  • If karaoke is on offer under no circumstances should you dedicate a song to a married colleague and then blubber your way through the chorus of a heartbreaking ballad. Unrequited love made public is just unseemly.
  • If you’ve been handed the credit card to buy a round of drinks, don’t go overboard on the order. The accounts team have a canny knack of piecing together the evidence and finding the culprit.
  • By all means, pose for pictures at the beginning of the evening, however, if you see someone pointing a camera in your direction after a few drinks duck for cover; it’s not a signal for you to pretend you’re on America’s Next Top Model. The last thing you want is your behaviour being dissected on social media for weeks on end or some smart arse including a snap of you doing an Abba impression in the company newsletter.

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