To me the most important thing for a bride is to feel confident and beautiful in her wedding dress. This is affected greatly by the type of figure you have and then finding the styles of dress which flatter you the most.
Whether you have an hourglass shape, pear shape, apple or even rectangular shape, there is a dress to suit you. As well finding the dress best suited to your body – depending if you’re a petite bride, plus size or busty, this article will hopefully steer you in the right direction to look your best on your big day. This guide will give you simple tips to find the perfect dress for your figure which will leave your friends, family and most importantly your groom stunned by your beauty.  


An hourglass figure is usually indicated by having the same width of shoulders and hips with a well-defined waist and full bust. This figure is desirable as it gives you stunning curves and is considered by some as the perfect feminine shape, which is something you can exaggerate in your wedding dress, creating a beautiful silhouette.


Find one which: Highlights your curves, which will show off your feminine figure Highlights your smaller waist - exaggerating your slimness is always a good thing!

BALL GOWN DRESSES – A full length ball gown dress will exaggerate your bust and slim waist as it is close to the skin. This is a good way to hide hips under the large skirt, while still making you feel like a true princess as you walk down the aisle. You could also choose a strapless ball gown dress if you wanted to draw attention to your bust and collar bone or even just your face – maybe if you had some family statement jewellery, this would be a good way to give it the attention it deserves.

MERMAID DRESSES – These dresses are great for an hourglass figure, exaggerating and flattering your curves, as they are tight fitting along the body and are perfect for the bride who wants to flaunt her curves. However, some people find the style restricting and a good alternative is the trumpet style dress, which is very similar but is slightly easier to move in or dance in if you want!

Alternative, unique styles for an hourglass bride could be either the crop top style which is coming more and more into fashion as it creates a unique look, which still flatters your body in a less traditional way. Another style of dress which I really like and really works for this body figure is the wrap style wedding dress, which is stunningly simple while still creating a beautiful silhouette.


A pear shaped figure is usually found when your hips are wider than your shoulders, making them the widest area of your body. If you are pear shaped, it is likely that you will have a slimmer upper body and narrow shoulders, smaller bust and a tiny waist. This body shape is perfect for creating an amazing silhouette with your dress which will be beautiful in all your wedding photos!

Find one which: Accentuates your bust and slims your hips – to help balance your figure. Emphasizes your natural waistline – clutching it in will create a glamorous silhouette. 


A-LINE DRESSES – An A-line dress will be stunning for a pear shaped bride as it brings attention to the upper half of the body while hiding any imperfect areas you may not feel as confident about under either a loose flowing skirt or layered skirt which is amazing at hiding those wide hips. This can be exaggerated by choosing a strapless or embellished bodice which will keep eyes on your tiny waist. You can also use the neckline of your gown to keep the focus up by choosing necklines such as V-necks, scoop-necks or sweetheart necklines which will look stunning and allow you to flaunt your bust in a flattering way.

TULLE, BALL & TWISTED WAIST GOWNS – These types of dresses are all very similar as they will all exaggerate your tiny waist while making you feel like a princess as they have larger skirts that hide everything you don’t want people to see. The tulle gowns have the classic ‘puffy’ skirt which is the same fabric as a ballerina’s tutu – making you feel elegant and dainty as you walk down the aisle. Moreover, when layered, this is really good at hiding those imperfections which has led to it becoming increasingly popular (with designers like Vera Wang, Hayley Paige and Carolina Herrera using it). It’s one of my favourite styles of gowns as it is simple yet incredibly beautiful. Ball gowns create that true princess feeling as you walk down the aisle, as they show off your waist with embellishments and different textures making you feel and look perfect for your big day. Finally, the twisted waist gown uses its details to draw the attention to the waist and balance out your proportions, making you look fantastic.


To be apple shaped, it usually means that you have a larger bust and upper back with little waist definition. You are likely to have slim limbs – specifically arms – and narrow hips. This body figure can sometimes lack definition, so I find that it is best to find a gown which will minimise your mid-section by drawing the attention to your legs or bust areas through the textures and embellishments of the dress.

Find one which: Creates a waistline – find one which pulls in at your smallest point, which will define your waist and create a beautiful silhouette. Has a textured bodice which camouflages to create a corset like effect, making your middle look smaller. 


A-LINE DRESSES – This style of dress is perfect for the apple shaped women as you can find gowns that will pull in right at the smallest part of your waist creating definition in your body shape. Moreover, as there is such a range of A-line dresses you will be sure to find the dress with the right amount of texture of the bodice to pull in that area or you could even go for a corset dress to create a bit more structure. This style will also flare out which will hide the imperfections or will roll of them making your figure look smooth and exaggerating the length of your legs.

V-NECKLINE / PLUNGING NECKLINE DRESSES – These necklines are great as they draw attention upwards while still flattering the appearance of your bust. They are also elegant and will allow you to flaunt your bust in a classy way while not widening your shoulders or cutting into them (avoid a spaghetti strap) and allowing you to show off your collar bone and necklaces. They also cause people’s attention to be more vertically observant which is more flattering for this body type.


A rectangular body shape usually means that your shoulders, waistline, bust and hips are approximately all at the same width. This means that you usually would have little or no waist definition. However, although this figure used to be known as a ‘boys figure’ this is often the desired figure of supermodels! Once you find the right dress you will be able to create curves which will make a beautiful silhouette.

Find one which: Are fitted to emphasis and create curves. Create graceful lines through the body. 


COLUMN / SHEATH DRESSES – This style of dress will help you create an hourglass figure which will improve your curves and silhouette as the style has waist shaping which is ideal for the rectangular body shape. The fitted structure is good as it clutches to the waistline and with a wide neckline will also help widen the shoulders to create curves. Moreover, this style of wedding dress will emphasise your long legs and tiny waist as it hugs the body, while being lightweight – so if you’re going to have a beach wedding this is perfect for you!

SHORT DRESSES – Rectangular figures are one of the few figure types which can pull of a shorter retro style wedding dress while keeping it flattering as you show off your slim legs and figure in a way which only works for this figure type as they hang of the body. You can also use the placing of delicate embroidery and beading to create the illusion of a curvier silhouette. Furthermore, they are also unique as they venture away from the traditional long gown for something summery and light – perfect for a beach wedding or any wedding in a very hot location.


To be petite sized, you are usually below the average female height. However, petite women are usually in perfect proportion meaning that if you acknowledge your smaller height and work with it to find the right dress and shoes, you will look 5”10 instead of 5”2 in your wedding photos with the perfect silhouette for your special day.

Find one which: Creates an illusion of height through the style or neckline. Doesn’t engulf your body – this will make you look smaller and childlike and no one wants that! 


COLUMN / SHEATH DRESSES – This style of dress is great for the petite structure of a women as it is formfitting and follows the body’s natural line meaning that it will add length to you (something which you want). It also creates a great silhouette of your natural body as it falls off your curves in an effortless way and doesn’t engulf your body, which would shorten you because it doesn’t flare out.

EMPIRE DRESSES – This style is perfect for the petite women as the gown begins flowing right under the bust which creates the illusion of longer legs. Moreover, they are a stylish take on the traditional wedding dress which do make you feel like a majestic queen when wearing one as the dress emphasise your bust and slim figure and can be tweaked to fit your body in the most flattering way which will assure that you look stunning on your wedding day. These dresses are also ideal for every type of wedding as they are suitable for both a garden or beach wedding or a conventional wedding ceremony in a small church, as they are light and relaxed, however retain a feeling of luxury and royalty to them through there classic design.


To be plus sized simply means to be above the average size. However, this can be both masked in your wedding dress - through your choice of style of gown -  or showed off if you feel more confident in your body and want to show this off on your special day.

Find one which: Reflects your personality and how comfortable you feel – on your special day you should be feeling confident in what you are wearing! Is asymmetrical which is not only more flattering but gives you a more artistic look as well. 

A-LINE DRESSES – This style of dress is probably one of the most flattering for all body types in my opinion, as they pull in your waist then flow out around your legs, hiding areas that you may feel less confident about, while still allowing you to feel like a princess. Moreover, if you choose one flattering material this will flow off your curves effortlessly and create a beautiful silhouette for you.

MERMAID DRESSES – If you want to embrace your curves a little more then this is the style for you as it will allow you to create a perfect hourglass figure, as the dress will hug your curves and accentuate the hips in a flattering way, which will make you look and feel stunning on your wedding day. A drop waist corseted gown will help create the curves and can add some fullness at the bottom of the gown, creating the ideal silhouette.
So now you've got your dress worked out, it's time to plan the big pre-nuptial party, whether that's a Brighton hen do or a hen weekend in Liverpool