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Frequently asked questions about Whisky Tasting Experiences & Activities

Do You Drink the Whisky at a Whisky Tasting?

100%! We don’t want you missing out on any of that deliciousness by swilling the whisky round your mouth and spitting it out. Where’s the fun in that? You’ll get to drink and learn about a range of samples.

Who Runs a Whisky Tasting?

Whisky tastings are run by a range of bars, pubs and restaurants by whisky experts. They’re passionate about this top tipple and will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how it’s made and how best to enjoy each and every mouth-watering flavour.

What Should I Wear to at WhiskyTasting?

This depends on where your whisky tasting takes place. Some venues are happy with a casual dress code and others might expect you to glam up. Check out individual activity listings for more information and, if in doubt, ask the experience provider what you should wear when you place your enquiry. They’ll get back to you to let you know.

How Long Do Whisky Tastings Last?

Whisky tastings tend to last between one and two hours. Browse our whisky tasting listings for more information.

How Much Whisky is Included in a Whisky Tasting?

It varies depending on the whisky tasting class you choose but they generally include between four and six glasses of the good stuff. We think that’s plenty to enjoy and learn some fun facts about.

How Much Does a Whisky Tasting Cost?

Whisky tastings start at around £30 per person. The price depends on the location and exactly what’s included so can vary.

What Occasions are a Whisky Tasting Good For?

You don’t need an excuse to enjoy your favourite drink but whisky is so delicious that it’s perfectly paired with special occasions from a hen party to stag do or a birthday party to team building event.