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Butlers with Bums brings to you a wonderful cocktail making class with muscular mixologists and a Buff Butlers service. Founded in 2011, Butlers with Bums has expanded from a local Brighton business to a nationwide brand. You can book for a sexy mixologist to come with alcohol and all the equipment to your party, teach you how to make delicious cocktails and play some cheeky cocktail related games and competitions. If you want someone to serve your cocktails, Butlers with Bums also provides a Buff Butlers service where a butler in the buff will be your perfect entertaining and cheeky host. So, whether you want a mobile cocktail making class to come to your party with a sexy addition or you need a buff butler, Butlers with Bums will have your birthday party or hen party covered. What activities do Butlers with Bums offer? Here at Fizzbox, we offer two activity options courtesy of the hunks at Butlers with Bums! Choose from either a ‘Cheeky Butler’ session, or a Mobile Cocktail Making Experience. With a Cheeky Butler, you’ll be able to sit back and relax as he answers the door to your guests, serves drinks and canapes to your group and hosts some truly hilarious games. If you’d prefer something a little more practical, then look no further than the Butlers with Bums mobile cocktail experience! You’ll be taught all the top tricks and tricks to whipping up your very own drinks by a muscular mixologist and will go head to head against your friends to see who can make the best concoctions! How long does a Butlers with Bums experience last? You’ll enjoy the company of the Butlers with Bums for a fun filled two-hour session. You can count on these hot guys to provide you and your group with a hen do or birthday party to remember! How old do you have to be to attend a Butler with bums experience? All attending guests of the Butlers with Bums experience must be 18 years or older. All staff members will be 18 years or older. Where in the UK can I hire a Butler with a bum? Butlers with Bums are available to hire in most major cities up and down the UK, including Brighton, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and plenty more locations! Simply take a look at our listed products below and browse our offered locations. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday or hen party, you’ll love one of our Butlers with Bums experiences!


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