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Who could have guessed that getting into the great outdoors could be so much fun? Well, look no further. Go Ape provides the ultimate treetop adventure. No matter your location, you’ll get to explore a beautiful forest from spectacular heights. Manoeuvre your way across a maze of high ropes, launch off zip wire platforms and swing on Tarzan ropes. There will be a team of dedicated instructors who’ll walk you through a safety briefing before letting you lose into the trees. How Much is Go Ape? You can book a Go Ape Tree Top experience from £33 per person. Depending on how speedy you are, this challenge will take between two and three hours. Also included is a harness and plenty of safety instruction along with instructors looking out for you every step of the way. Which Go Ape Is The Best? If you’re looking for a challenge, then you’ll want to head to Nottingham to experience the whopping 64m tree-to-zip. This is a way of hopping between trees via zipwire. You’ll watch the ground beneath you whizz by at high speeds and feel the wind woosh against your face. Can’t get to Nottingham? Don’t worry. All Go Ape locations have varying levels of challenges. The hardest course is the Stirrups run which can be found in all locations. What Should You Wear To Go Ape? We recommend wearing comfy clothes that you won't mind getting dirty! There's going to be lots of jumping and swinging between platforms, so you'll want to wear clothes that allow you to be totally flexible. Also, make sure to wear a pair of closed trainers for extra comfort. What Is The Age Requirements For Go Ape? Go Ape provide adrenaline-fuelling activities for all ages above 10. Whether you’re bringing a group of friends along for a stag do or you’re looking for a family day out, there’s something here for everyone. Looking For A Go Ape Near You? Simply head to our listings below and browse our locations. We have listings in some top locations, including Go Ape in London, Nottingham and Edinburgh. What are you waiting for?


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