Tropical Beach - Summer Party Ideas

When the weather outside is dreary and wet, we can’t help but daydream about escaping to an exotic Caribbean island; here, the sun is scorching, the sand is a glorious white colour and there’s a wooden cocktail shack serving up the most tropical of drinks. We’re talking Pina Coladas, Mojitos and a whole variety of other rum based cocktails. Does this sound like perfection to you? It certainly does to us. So why not make this a reality?

Okay, we don’t mean max out your credit cards and book some ridiculously expensive, once in a lifetime holiday in the tropics, but rather, what if you could experience the Caribbean beach life here in the UK, in the form of one seriously good summer party?

Perfect for office parties, work do’s, birthdays or simply for no apparent reason other than to celebrate the warmer weather, the Tropical Beach party is without a doubt one of the most popular summer party ideas around! It’s time to escape the metropolitan jungle of the city, as we guide you through our top tips and advice for creating and theming an unforgettable Tropical Beach Party.

What kind of venue would work best for a Tropical Beach Party?

Definitely an outside venue for this theme summer party! Opt for a venue that offers its own private garden; many hotels, conference centres, pubs or stately homes may hire out their gardens during the summer months for private events. Afterall, if you’re hosting a Tropical Beach Party, you’ll want to be able to soak up that scorching summer sun!

How can you make a venue look like a Tropical Beach Party?

Are you ready to turn your venue into a Tropical Beach Party? Then get ready to be inspired by our list of theming, scenery and props!

  • Real sand
  • Tiki hut style bar
  • Coconut shy
  • Floral leis
  • Hula skirts
  • Inflatable palm trees
  • Exotic beach backdrop
  • Tropical balloon arch
  • Wooden barrel tables
  • Pineapples to decorate
  • Tropical Beach/Hawaiian Beach soundtrack

Are there any drinks that are specifically suited to a Tropical Beach Party?

Absolutely! If you want to get those Tropical Beach Party vibes flowing, then we’d recommend any thing rum based. Or frozen. How about some exotic Pina Coladas served with glace cherries and a wedge of real pineapple? Just make sure you don’t forget those cocktail umbrellas and straws (biodegradable of course). Frozen strawberry woo woos are always a tasty option too, especially on hot days!

Do ensure that the bar at your event serves a good selection of other alcoholic drinks, in addition to soft drinks for those non-drinkers of the group. If you really wanted to step things up a notch, you could serve cocktails out of real coconuts and truly experience that exotic island vibe!

What should the dress code be for a Tropical Beach Party?

Summery and chilled attire! No one wants to be at a Tropical Beach Party wearing a stuffy suit or evening dress. Come wearing t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses, sandals, flip flops – whatever you fancy really as long as it’s comfortable and you’re feeling relaxed. Oh and floral leis should be mandatory for each guest!

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for a Tropical Beach Party?

To make things extra fun and that touch more unique, why not add some games to your Tropical Beach Party? You could include the likes of a Coconut Shy, where guests will be able to win and take home genuine coconuts, or how about testing everyone’s dancing talents with a game of limbo? Don’t forget a Hula Hooping content – you could even offer a prize to the person that’s able to Hula Hoop for the longest!

A DJ and disco will also set the mood for the Tropical Beach Party and keep the music playing into the hours. Certain venues may have special regulations about noise in outside areas after a certain time, so do ensure you have a chat with your venue’s event team regarding noise.

Summer food options for a Tropical Beach Party

When it comes to food, nothing says beach party like a sizzling barbeque feast! Why not organise for your guests to indulge a sumptuous selection of meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan options? You could include the likes of burgers, hot dogs, halloumi skewers, salad and pasta dishes. If you’d like to include dessert options, ice cream will always be a hit, or you could offer healthy alternatives such as tropical fruit kebabs.

Are there any extras that you’d recommend for a Tropical Beach Party?

Provide a tasty welcome drink on arrival for each guest – offer the choice of either an alcoholic cocktail or a mocktail for the non-drinkers of the group. Another nice touch for a Tropical Beach Party would be to offer floral leis to guests on arrival to set the mood for the exciting party that’s ahead!