Masquerade Ball – Summer Party Ideas

From the moment you don your mask and enter the masquerade, you’re walking into a world of decadence and luxury. The masquerade is one of the most popular party themes. Let’s face it, it’s a classic and particularly fun if you’re thinking about summer party ideas. Maybe it’s something about the mystique of donning a mask or the overall Venetian styling but a Masquerade Ball summer party is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that just oozes sophistication.

Why choose a Masquerade Ball theme for your summer party?

Simply put, this is a summer party theme that’ll really wow your guests. Think luxurious outfits, mysterious masks, top tasting food and drink and exciting entertainment, all of which exude elegance! The Masquerade Ball has a heritage which stretches back to the 15th century where royal families would celebrate marriages with a masked event. Through the 16th century, the masquerade became popular in Italy and especially in Venice where it became connected to the Venetian carnival and the upper layers of society. They often involved music, dancing, singing and acting. That aura of prestige and elegance still surrounds the masquerade making it ideal for prestigious parties, groups and companies.

What kind of venue works best for a Masquerade Ball?

Here at Fizzbox, we believe that the best parties come about when the theme and venue work together. And although we believe that the masquerade theme can be adapted to any space, it does work best when there is a synchronicity between venue and theme. Generally, it’s the more classical spaces that adapt best to a masquerade, such as an art deco hotel or Victorian ballroom, rather than more modern or quirky venues. For example, your average Shoreditch bar turned event space.

Think manor houses and other traditional venue spaces. The atmosphere of history lends itself well to the masquerade. You can feel that you’re walking in the same world as the upper classes of old. But this isn’t to say that all modern spaces won’t work. Rooftop gardens are some of the most contemporary and stylish venue spaces around and they’re ideal for a masquerade. Just imagine Venetian lanterns coupled with the greenery of a rooftop garden. Trust us, it can create a stunning spectacle that’s the perfect backdrop to your party pictures.

What’s the dress code?

All out glamour and theatricality, of course! And not forgetting those iconic masks that cover your eyes or entire face and give your ensemble that bit of seductive mystery! These can be jewelled, feathered, simple and stylish or anything in between. If you’re feeling arty, you can even make your own. Why not up the fun factor with a prize for the best dressed guest? Will you be able to identify your friends, family or workmates?

Generally, for this luxury theme, the women wear period or Venetian-style dresses and the men wear tuxedos. Hair can be worn up or down, whatever’s most comfortable whilst wearing your mask, and make up should match the colours of your outfit. The dress code is formal but still leaves space for everyone to go all out and get creative.

Another great thing about the Masquerade Ball party theme is that it’s a great excuse for you and your guests to dress up without anyone feeling embarrassed or too far out of their comfort zone. Let’s face it, we’ve all been invited to a party with a ridiculously wacky dress code before and it can tend to fill attendees with dread as they scour the internet for a costume that won’t make them look too daft! With a Masquerade party, all you need to do is dress to impress. And everyone will look gorgeous in the photos. Win, win!

What food and drink could we have?

Think decadence to meet the Masquerade Ball summer party theme! Why not kick start the indulgence straight away with a Champagne reception? Free-flowing drinks always add a touch of something special to any event so are a nice addition if you have the budget.

Decadent cocktails always go down a treat with this fabulous theme. Think outside the box and whip up something seriously special for your party guests. In terms of food, we reckon three filling courses to really tantalise your guests’ taste buds will go down well. However, it’s not very easy to eat with a mask on so you might want to consider some mouth-watering finger food like canapés instead. Bear in mind that your guest will be dressed to the nines so avoid any foods that could spill or majorly stain.

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for a Masquerade Ball?

Entertainment is a must for a Masquerade Ball! How about giving your summer party a sophisticated soundtrack with the addition of a string band? You could even hire a roaming entertainer to work the room and put smiles on everyone’s faces. How about a magician, dancer, human statue, jester or harlequin? All will help break the ice and get your guests talking.

As Masquerade Balls also historically included music, dancing and singing, a live band or DJ is a must! Classical music might suit the theme best but if you’d rather keep it modern, that’s fine too as long as it gets your guests dancing. It’s also a good idea to have a photographer to capture the night’s highlights. Trust us, this is going to be a summer party you never want to forget!

Any other suggestions for a Masquerade Ball summer party?

Decorating your venue to match the Masquerade Ball theme is a must! We’re thinking candelabra centrepieces, chandeliers, string curtains, ice sculptures lanterns and pictures of classic renaissance-era art. If you’re thinking about what colours to use to best match your theme, deep reds, purples, greens and golds always look gorgeous. Or you could go with simple yet effective black and white, Phantom of the Opera style. Used with dim and intimate lighting, these rich tones always give that opulent feel and help your guests to feel like they’re stepping into a different world.

What’s next?

If you’ve been seduced by the Masquerade Ball party theme (and who could blame you), it’s time to get planning your evening of total decadence.