Carnival - Summer Party Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for summer party ideas, this one’s high-octane and jam-packed with passion, flavour and bags of personality to make any event spring to life. Think parades, floats, flamboyant costumes and samba music you just can’t help but dance to!

Why choose a Carnival theme for your summer party?

Perhaps it’s because its name is synonymous with a great party, but the Carnival has become one of the most popular party themes. If you’re looking for summer party ideas, why not recreate all the magic of Rio Carnival, the razzle dazzle of Notting Hill Carnival or the cheeky charm of a New Orleans Mardi Gras for one spectacular summer event?

It’s a story that stretches back over the centuries. Carnival was held across Europe as a rite of spring for the ancient Romans. From there it travelled to the New World, where it was perfected in Rio. The Rio Carnival is the greatest show on earth, an explosion of colour, energy and passion that fully embodies the spirit of summer. And now you can become part of that story.

We always tend to say that certain parties suit certain groups and companies differently and if you’re the kind of people that likes to do go all out, then the Carnival theme will be right up your street.

What kind of venue works best for a Carnival?

Modern and art deco building with lots of colour work really well with this summer party theme but with the right decorations, you can make anywhere feel like a Carnival. Somewhere with a stage is a great choice if you’re planning on booking some live entertainment like a samba band or dancers. You’ll want quite a big venue so there’s space for dancing. However, if choose a very large venue, make sure you can fill it with decorations, colour and a buzzing atmosphere. This will all help to transport your guests to brilliant Brazil.

Décor wise, adorn the area with feathers, tropical plants, flags, lanterns, artificial palm trees, coloured shutter doors and larger than life decorations. You could even display a replica of the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Gold, green, purple and yellow make a great colour scheme that’s really eye-catching and the perfect backdrop for lots of selfies and group photos.

What’s the dress code?

It’s time to think all out colour, feathers and fabulousness with flamboyant costumes you’d usually dare not to wear! For the ladies who want to look parade ready, it’s all about traditional and brightly coloured samba showgirl costumes that are adorned with feathers, rhinestones and jewels with much of your body uncovered. If you don’t fancy flashing that much flesh, it’s no problem at all. A long skirt, dress or shorts and top in bright colours with a feathered headdress and beaded jewellery will look fab too.

For the guys, it’s all about bombachas (loose trousers) with a white shirt, colourful poncho and a wide-brimmed hat or you can go all out with coloured ruffles on your wrists and ankles. Not feeling quite that brave? That’s ok. Just stick the bright colours and you’ll blend in just fine. Whatever you’re planning to wear, just make sure you’ve got comfy shoes on. Trust us, you’re going to want to throw some serious shapes on the dancefloor later on!

What food and drink could we have?

Invite everyone’s taste buds to the party with a range of delicious drinks and nibbles. If there’s a drinks reception that’s perfect for this summer party idea, it has to include those legendary caipirinha cocktails. Made with cachaça spirit, demerara sugar, and lime, Brazil’s national cocktail always goes down a treat, whisking you away to sunnier climates. In terms of food, a Brazilian barbecue or hot and cold buffet will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Think Brazilian favourites like slow-cooked pork, fish stew, rice and beans, tropical fruit and deep-fried bananas. Even just thinking about it is enough to get your mouth watering!

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for a Carnival?

Oh yes, there is! In fact, the entertainment is very likely to be one of the most memorable things about your Carnival themed summer party as you transport your guests to vibrant Rio de Janeiro. Why not wow your guests from the get-go with a Rio parade of professional showgirl dancers in authentic costumes performing alongside fast-paced and energetic Batucada drummers?

Treat your guests to a capoeira display. This Afro-Brazilian martial art combines self-defence, dance and music for an unforgettably breath-taking spectacle. The fun doesn’t have to stop after your guest have eaten. Get everyone’s hips moving to some infectious beats with a steel band or live samba band. It’s unlikely anyone will be able to resist having a boogie!

Any other suggestions for a Carnival summer party?

A fun addition to your Carnival party would be a photo booth. Load it up with props including masks and feathers headdresses to capture pictures that’ll make everyone’s social media followers go green with envy. How about injecting even more colour with a Carnival-themed face painter to give your guests a Rio or New Orleans-style makeover? For extra wow factor, you could even hire showgirl stilt walkers to mingle with an entertain your guests. As this is a fun, lively theme, how about encouraging some laughs with a caricaturist who can draw hilariously realistic pictures of everyone? What better memento could you get of a fun summer party with your favourite people? Whether you’re partying with friends, family or workmates, you’ll love comparing the works of art drawn for you.

What’s next?

There’s so much scope with this fabulously fun summer party theme, meaning you can make your celebration as loud and proud, big or small as you like. If the Carnival theme has got you all hot under the collar, start arranging your event to remember today.