Escape Rooms in Southampton

The clock is ticking, your adrenaline is pumping, and you only have 60-minutes to solve mysteries and crack riddles in this thrilling escape room experience in Southampton. Do you have what it takes?

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What is an Escape Room?

As the name suggests, a Southampton escape room requires you to, quite literally, escape the room. You and your friends will have 60 minutes to figure out a way to unlock the door, or, otherwise, you may be stuck inside forever…

We’re kidding. An escape room in Southampton is totally safe and you’ll be able to call for help and leave at any point. The objective is to have fun and work those brain cells for a way to escape. Easy peasy, right?

Not so fast. These rooms are designed to be challenging and, at times, a tiny bit terrifying! (But only a tiny bit). Most escape rooms in Southampton have specific themes and storylines. An actor will give you an introduction and brief you on your mission. You’ll then be locked up in a room where you’ll follow the story which will help you discover the clues to your escape. Perhaps you’ll be uncovering some top-secret scientific research or maybe you’ve fallen into a government secret. Whatever your mission, all the basic principles are the same. Work together, solve the puzzles and finally, breathe in that sweet smell of freedom!

Are Escape Rooms in Southampton Competitive?

Escape Rooms in Southampton

Yes! We think so. We also think that some friendly competition is a great way to spur you on and bond with your teammates. Locked in Room’s in Southampton offer two fantastic storylines which come with three identical rooms. This means that you can compete against your mates simultaneously, as opposed to waiting for them to take their turn and comparing times. Genius!

If your escape room experience in Southampton doesn’t have this system, you’ll receive your times at the end so you can compare with your friends afterwards down the pub. Either way, you can make this as competitive as you like! Losers buy the drinks? This is a particularly great idea if you’re hosting a stag weekend in Southampton.

It’s All About Teamwork

The most important thing about a Southampton escape room is that you need to implement teamwork. It’s no use going at it on your own while your mates stand around arguing about who is right and who is wrong. You need to put your heads together and support each other. You’re going to struggle to escape on time otherwise! The best way to make this work if there’s a group of you that don’t know each other too well is to assign one person to read out the clues and hints that you’ll find on the way. This way nobody is fighting over anything and you’ll all hear the information at the same time. Also, make sure to take your time… but also… don’t take your time as you’ve only got 60 minutes. This means, don’t rush each task and risk messing up. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Birthdays, Stag dos and Hen Parties

To make it extra memorable, each team will be able to pose for a group photo afterwards. And, even better, fancy dress is whole-heartedly recommended so make sure to check your escape room theme beforehand so you can dress accordingly. What’s more, you’ll also receive a certificate with your names and times so that you can hang it proudly on your wall for years to come. Or hide it away in a draw if your score wasn’t so good. Whatever suits your fancy.

What’s Next?

Now that you know what an escape room in Southampton is all about, you’ll want to get booking today to secure your place. This is one of our most popular experiences, so you don’t want to miss out. Simply head over to our listings, pick your preferred date and pop down your deposit. It couldn’t be any easier!


  • Are we really stuck in there?

    No, the door is shut but you can leave the room at any time.

  • Are escape room claustrophobic?

    The size of the escape room varies from venue to venue. But you can of course leave the room at any moment should you want to.

  • Can I use the toilet?

    Yes, but be warned the clock won’t stop!

  • Can we use our mobile phones during the game?

    No! No cheating allowed. That spoils the fun. Work as a team and put your detective caps on and you’ll do fine.

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