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Frequently asked questions about Segway Tours, Experiences & Activities

What Is a Segway Tour?

A Segway tour is like a mini-city tour, but with a twist. Instead of hopping on a bus or going on foot, you’ll use an electric self-balancing vehicle to whisk you off around the town. You and your friends or co workers will get your own super-duper two-wheeled vehicle. A guide will stay at the head of your group and guide you safely around the city. They’ll point out landmarks, recommend the best restaurants and give you some fascinating facts about the city.

Are Segway Tours Safe?

Yes, Segway tours are totally safe. They’re like walking tours, only you don’t need to use your feet to get your around! Cool, huh?

You’ll each get a helmet, arm pads and knee pads so if you do find yourself off balance, you won’t graze yourself! Though, this is very unlikely to happen.

What to Wear on a Segway Tour?

A Segway tour is located in the great outdoors, so it’s highly recommended that you dress for the weather! You’ll be elevated at a small height and will need just a small amount of movement to tilt the Segway, so you don’t have to wear your gym clothes. So, you can pretty much wear what you want. However, we advise against high heels!

Is There a Weight Limit for Segway Tours?

Yes. As advised by Segway events, the minimum weight required for someone to ride a Segway is 45kg (7.08 stones). Maximum is 117kg (18.4 stones). You must also be over 134cm tall. This is to ensure your safety and to enable the Segway to move effectively.

How Do Segways Stay Balanced?

The genius mechanisms of the Segway involve balancing sensors, microprocessors and monitors to determine how fast and how far to move. It’s a little bit complicated, but all you’ll need to worry about is tilting your body backwards and forwards to speed up and slow down the Segway.

Where Can You Go on a Segway Tour?

We offer a number of Segway tours in some top UK cities as well as destinations in Europe. You can whizz around Brighton, explore Edinburgh or discover Manchester. If you’re heading abroad, you’ll find Segway tours in some popular locations such as Marbella and Munich.

Segway Tours Near Me

Whether you're travelling along the beautiful costa del sol coastline, taking in picturesque views in Brighton or exploring somewhere entirely different, you'll love a segway tour. See the sights on something a little bit different and ride a segway on a segway tour. This is an opportunity to take plenty of photos and make everyone back home jealous of the fantastic views. You can take a segway tour in in the sunshine, what a great way to take in the views!

Don’t worry if you've never taken a segway out for a spin before as you'll be shown how to handle them before you take to the streets. A segway tour is a great way to get around and see the sights, it is also a fun and hilarious activity that gives you the opportunity to take plenty of beach shots.

Get everyone together to try something new for your birthday party in Marbella. Segway’s are a great way to get everyone giggling, as after all, it’s almost impossible to look sad on a segway! A guide will take you on a route to explore some great scenery and show you how to ride a segway to make sure you have a lovely smooth ride. What better place to ride a segway than your favourite city?

See the sights of the beautiful beaches and enjoy the sunshine all from a segway. Segway’s were invented as great way to get around cities, so why not take these two wheeled motors out for a spin for a hen party or a stag do? These are also a great option for a Brighton team building activity.