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The real cost of attending a wedding

The real cost of attending a wedding

We'd be right in saying that whenever one of our friends tells us they're getting married your focus shifts to one of two things; the wedding, or the hen party. In recent years you can add a third thought to that list though; 'how much will all this cost me?' Everyone is aware that the prices of most things rise with each year, meaning that events such as weddings and hen parties invariable become more expensive.

Last year we took a look at the price of attending a hen do, and we also delved deep into the costs of attending the wedding. The results were way beyond what we thought we would be looking at, so we created an infographic to highlight just how much even attending a wedding could cost someone these days.

We won't spoil the surprise here, instead just read our infographic below to discover the real cost of attending a wedding. If you wish to share this infographic there is an embed code at the bottom of the page that you can easily cut and paste.

Real cost of attending a wedding