The Calorific Content of a Hen Do

How many calories will you consume on a hen do?

It’s the start of what is set to be one of the busiest years for weddings, with many couples holding off from tying the knot in unlucky (for some) 2013. You are far more likely to be invited to a friend’s hen party in 2014 than you were last year, and you’re not alone in having concerns about this fact.

Everyone worries about their diet and appearance in the months running up to a hen do, and rightfully so! It is perhaps the one chance in life you’ll see your friends from home, school, university, work, and a mix of many other social circles in one place. You want those from school to see you and think “she turned out alright!”, and those fellow graduates from your university days to notice you’ve ditched the tie-dye dress for thigh definition in your short-shorts.

Those weeks and months of hard work and image preparation down the gym could fall apart as you embark on one of the most hectic calorie-binge weekends of your life – the hen weekend.

We decided to find out just how many calories you can expect to consume during the three days of a full-blown wild weekend away, and in turn offer some helpful antidote tips on how to retain your hard earned hips, bum and tum, and burn away those unwanted calories while you’re partying hard:

Calorific Infographic