Goggle Football & Binocular Football

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Frequently asked questions about Goggle Football & Binocular Football

What is goggle football?

Goggle football is a game of footie where you'll all wear special vision-skewing goggles that'll make the ball look further away or closer than it really is with hilarious results.

What should I wear for goggle football?

Wear comfy clothes you can run around in like shorts, T-shirts and trainers.

How long does goggle football last?

Goggle football lasts between one hour and 90 minutes.

Goggle Football Experiences

Imagine looking through a pair of binoculars but the wrong way round – this is what the footie pitch is going to look like for the entirety of the one-hour game. This is the perfect experience to go for if you want to break the ice at a stag do, have a laugh at a birthday party or simply enjoy some competitive banter with your mates. You’ll get an experienced activity coordinator who’ll guide you through the games, keep score and make sure there’s no foul play!

So, what does Goggle Football involve? You’ll get a pitch, goals, football and, of course, the goggles! You’ll be divided into two teams where you’ll each get your own pair of visual impairment binocular goggles. Some will make everything look really far away and others will make everything look super close. There will be a mixture of each type distributed between the teams, so nobody will be at an advantage.

You’ll be in hysterics as you watch your mates miss the ball, fall over and totally fail at tackling. Trust us, everything you’ve ever learnt about playing football will be thrown out the window. Your coordinator will guide you through some fun challenges including penalty shoot-out, keep ball, sprinting races and, finally, the all-important five-a-side match! Are you ready to give it a go? Have a browse at our listings below and pick your location and date. The rest will be sorted for you!