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Frequently asked questions about Footgolf Courses Near Me

What is Footgolf?

Footgolf or football golf is a super-simple sport that combines the techniques of the beautiful game with the rules of golf. You and your mates will need to take it in turns to aim a football at one of the over-sized golf holes. Whoever can get the ball into the holes in the least amount of kicks, wins!

What Events is Footgolf Good For?

Footgolf is a fun activity that can be played during a stag do for some friendly competition. It’s also great for birthday parties and for a day out with the family. For teams, it’s a chance to break the ice and get everyone bonding. There’ll be a referee on hand to keep track of points and hand out forfeits to the losers, so you’ll need to bring your a-game!

Who Invented Footgolf?

It’s uncertain as to who exactly invented footgolf, but we do know that the first footgolf tournament was held in Holland in 2008 and was organised by Bas Korsten and Michael Jansen.

How Long Does Footgolf Take?

A footgolf experience can last anywhere between two – four hours. Depending on your group size, it may take a little longer to organise everyone into teams and ensure everyone is up to scratch with the rules. There will be several mini games to play including closest to the pin and longest drive (or kick), so you can expect the time to vary depending on how many of you there are.

Where to Play Footgolf?

Footgolf is held in loads of popular locations around the UK. From Brighton to Manchester, Edinburgh to Oxford, you’ll never be far from a game of footgolf! Make sure to check out our listings and pick your desired location.

How Much is Footgolf?

Footgolf starts at just £30 per person. It’s a pretty good bargain considering the amount of fun you’re going to have!

What to Wear During Footgolf?

When you arrive at a game of footgolf, we recommend you wear comfy trainers and clothes that are suitable for the weather. You’ll need flexibility in your legs so that you can really give that ball a good boot! If you want to really up the ante, dress in your golfing gear of long socks and visors. Trust us, there’ll be endless photo opportunities!

Footgolf Games & Experiences

Footgolf is a wacky activity that's all about replacing the golf ball with a football, taking away the club and using your feet instead to kick the ball into the hole. You’ll still be playing on a green and making your way around the course but this time it’s with a football! Test your aim, accuracy and skills with the football for the ultimate challenge amongst your group to see who can handle it the best. Create some forfeits for the loser to really up the ante!

This activity is perfect for a London birthday party or a Brighton stag do for something a bit different to try and certainly an experience no one’s had before! Get the boys together and head on this event dressed in only your best golfing attire to really complete the experience!

Your event coordinator is on-hand to dish out forfeits, keep score cards and of course referee the games to ensure there’s no cheating! They’ll even throw in some extra games for you to play such as longest drive (kick), closest pin and more! Have a right laugh with your mates as you attempt to get a hole-in-one as you belt a football across the green! This is one event you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Have some top laughs and right banter as someone is inevitably going to fall over the ball or kick it in the wrong direction – just make sure it’s not you! Footgolf is the perfect event to do as part of your Manchester birthday party ideas or stag weekend, it’s a great activity you can do in the day before heading out for a night out in the city afterwards.