Cocktail Guide...

If your job was translated into an alcoholic drink, what would it be? We've had a bit of fun and tagged some great tasting cocktails to job titles, does yours come up below? If you have any suggestions, write a comment at the bottom of the page.

Estate Agent

Our first drink is dedicated to the estate agents out there. It has to be something a bit confident, containing curaco, while also containing this soft exterior which is resembled by the banana liquor.

Tree Surgeon

I can't say I know many tree surgeons, but take one look at this drink and you can see exactly why we've gone for this job title. The lime based flavours, alongisde the Midori, helps to bring out a green colouring.


The hairdresser is beautifully styled, with a deep red base and some soft blonde tints. This stylish look could only be pulled off by someone who works with beauty and fashion.


Anyone who works with children could do with a triple gin to get them through the day! Without looking to extroverted, this drink tastes great while remaining presentable.

Traffic Warden

We felt this one was a good choice, however looking retrospectively, a traffic light appearance might have been a better option!


There is something spaceman-like about the appearance of this drink, while Jaggermeister mixed with Goldschlager will definitely leave you seeing stars.


Always one for a bit of medicine, the Nurse drink includes cough medicine. Can't say this drink would be top of my list.