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Frequently asked questions about Cricket Experiences and Activities

What is turbo cricket?

Turbo cricket is a quick version of cricket, last no more than 120 minutes with 10 overs per inning.

Do I need to have played cricket before?

No! All of our cricket experiences are suitable for beginners as well as experienced players.

How much does turbo cricket cost?

Prices start at £25 per person.

Cricket Games & Experiences

It’s time to don your white polo shirts and batting pads because you’re going to the Ashes! Well, not really, but you’ll certainly feel the part as you and your mates pick up your bats and stand by your stumps. Cricket is a traditional game that can be traced back to the South East of England. The set up is simple: two teams take it in turns to bat the ball and score runs between two wickets.

The opposing ‘fielding’ team must catch the ball before it hits the ground. This is a fantastic sport that can be adapted and played in pretty much any open space. (Just be careful if you’re near any buildings, you don’t want to send the ball smashing through the windows!).

If you’re celebrating a stag do or birthday party, then Turbo 10 Cricket by Xtreme Events is an exhilarating experience that’ll not only break the ice and spark those competitive spirits but will bring you closer together as you team up and attempt to declare victory against your mates. This game is super-quick, fast-paced and is speedier than the classic game of cricket you might watch on TV (which can last for days!).

You’ll be playing on a 3G pitch and you’ll have a dedicated referee who’ll keep score and make sure there’s no foul play! You don’t need to know how to play cricket – or even be any good at it – Turbo 10 Cricket is all about having fun and immersing yourself in 90 minutes of this popular sport. If you want to make this extra competitive, make sure to get some forfeits ready for the opposing team.