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Frequently asked questions about Belly Dancing Classes

How Did Belly Dancing Start?

Belly dancing has origins in the Middle East and is often used to describe a wide variety of Middle Eastern dances. However, the first known belly dancers are thought to be from Egypt in the 1830s. The women who danced were considered gypsies and would travel around the country performing shows. Over time, the dance was developed and is now enjoyed as part of a fun dance class in many Western countries!

How to Belly Dance?

Belly dancing is a fairly simple dance that involves rolling and twirling your hips. It’s simple in the sense that it’s all focused on your core, rather than any intricate leg movements. However, that’s not to say it’s a walk in the park! You’ll be shimmying and wiggling your hips in time to music, so it’s as much about coordination as it is about looking good!

Does Belly Dancing Burn Calories?

If you want to get your hips moving and burn some calories, belly dancing is a fantastic exercise that’s not only great for your core, but it’ll help you let your hair down. Trust us, you’ll feel your inhibitions sliding out the door in no time. You can burn around 300 calories in an hour!

What to Wear To A Belly Dance Class?

Traditional belly dancers often wear pretty beaded bra tops that put their bellies on show and dazzle their audience in the process. However, during your belly dance class, you don’t have to go quite as extravagant. Some comfy, lose fitting gym clothes will do just fine. Although, if you want to dress up, feel free to go ahead!

What Events is a Belly Dancing Experience Good For?

A belly dance class is good for all sorts of occasions. Perhaps you want to learn a new skill with friends, or you want to do something a little different for your birthday party? And, because it makes for a sensual dance, it’s not uncommon to have a hen party dance class that’ll see you swinging your hips before a big night out on the town!