Festivals - Summer Party Ideas

When the sun finally comes out, it doesn’t just indicate the start of summer – it also heralds the start of the festival season. Across the country we grab our tents and wellies for weekends full of fun in the sun, we create memories that last a lifetime (or try to – festival memories tend to be a bit… hazy). However, festivals aren’t all great. There’s the mud, the crowds, the forgotten concept of personal hygiene, the endless queueing for overpriced food and overused loos. Imagine if you could have your own festival. A mini-fest where you get all of the good and none of the bad. If you’re looking into hosting fab themed summer parties then look no further as Fizzbox has all the info on hosting your very own summer festival party.

What would my festival look like?

Your day could consist of an authentic festival entrance, complete with wristbands for your guests. Throughout the day you could bask in the sun as you catch up with colleagues or get your face painted in true festival fashion. A variety of food and cocktail stalls can be set up, so you get the full festival experience as you eat, drink and be merry! As the sun sets and the temperature cools, things can heat up under the marquee as a selection of live acts and a DJ take to the main stage for your own personal Glastonbury.

To really get the full feel of being at a festival you could host this amazing party in the great outdoors for the extra wow factor. Why not hire festival gates and give out wristbands to all attendees upon entry branded with your company’s name. You could also hand out tote bags with company branding on and fill them with goody’s or festival essentials such as drinks vouchers, sunglasses, a map or order of service for the day, and reusable water bottle to really give that festival vibe.

Various stalls are essential to the festival feel such as face painting and a glitter stall for guests so they can really look the part. Food stalls are a must for any festival so make sure you offer a variety of different eateries such as a burger van or a curry stand to ensure your guests are well fed throughout the day. You could also include candy floss stations or a sweets stall, this also gives a great backdrop for any photo opportunity for guests. And what festival would be complete without a bar? Bring your A-game for this one with classic festival ciders and beers or opt for wine for a touch of sophistication.

As guests walk around your festival it’s time to put on street performers such as fire breathers and various circus type acts for entertainment. A live band throughout the day on the stage is a must and as day turns to night you can put a DJ on for everyone to boogie to and dance the night away.

Is there a dress code?

You won’t necessarily have to specify a dress code for this summer themed party as most guests will dress in the classic festival style. However, if you want you could host an award for the best festival dresser to really get everyone into the spirit of dressing up. Go all out in 70s festival vibes with flower crowns and peace sign t-shirts. Alternatively, you could go 00s style and get the neon and tutus out. Or, you could go sophisticated-chic such as the likes of Alexa Chung or Harry Styles. It might be worth asking guests to check the weather forecast nearer the time of your event in case they need to bring out the wellie boots, let’s hope not, but you never know with the British summer!

Can I host this any way I want?

Of course! It’s your party. If you’re worried that the festival theme might not be quite right for your team, then don’t worry. Every company is different, and that this means that every party should be different too. The festival theme is much more adaptable than it may at first seem, and if you’re after some good old-fashioned fun then you can adapt it to a summer fete complete with striped theming and bunting, summer games and more. It makes for an ideal corporate event where the family can come along as well. Most importantly, it’s ideal for companies who put the focus on team bonding.

What’s next?

You’ve got all the information and your head is whirring with different ideas you could carry out – good! We’ve given you the base and now all you need to do is get this all down on paper and start planning your themed summer party. Get that party hat on, open the spreadsheet and get planning. Planning a party is all in the details so make sure you’re on top of everything and you’ll go down in history as the one who hosted the bet summer party the office has ever seen (with a little help from Fizzbox!).