Enchanted Garden - Summer Party Ideas

Have you ever stepped into an enchanted garden party before? Well if not, you’re in for a seriously sweet surprise! Every aspect of an ordinary garden party becomes extraordinary. And here, your summer event will be transformed into a fantastical world of fairies and magic with this spectacular summer party theme!

Expect the likes of an iron trellis entrance gate, ready to welcome guests into this extraordinary fantasy land that’s filled with mystery and intrigue! Gaze up above where your eyes will be drawn to a twinkling canopy of fairy lights, creating a tranquil and magical setting that everyone will love. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of the beautiful and enchanted woodland fairy folk, circulating around the party and entertaining guests with their incredible skills.

If you’ve been searching high and low for unique and memorable Summer Party Ideas, then we think you’ll love this incredible Enchanted Garden theme that will be sure to provide you and your guests with some truly unforgettable memories. Let the expert team at Fizzbox guide you through their top tips and ideas for creating your perfect Enchanted Garden Summer Party!

What kind of venue would work best for an Enchanted Garden Party?

For summer events, we recommend making the most of the great outdoors – at least whilst the summer lasts! And an Enchanted Garden party provides the perfect opportunity to do so! Not to mention a guaranteed upgrade on any outdoor event.

This theme is easily adaptable to any outdoor space, providing an experience that’s both hugely enjoyable and makes the most of the summer – especially those beautiful summer evenings. As the sun sets on your garden, fairy lights are turned on, and guests will be transported into a stunning wonderland, which will be sure to make a beautiful backdrop for your event.

How can you make a venue look like an Enchanted Garden Party?

There are plenty of ways to transform your outdoor venue into a spectacular Enchanted Garden for your event. Some of favourite summer party ideas for theming, scenery and props include:

  • Iron trellis entrance gate
  • Themed welcome cocktail
  • Twinkling fairy lights
  • Human canapé trays
  • Stilt walkers
  • Fire eaters
  • Toadstool seating
  • Fairy light canopies
  • Fairy and magical creature actors
  • Harp player

Are there any drinks that are specifically suited to an Enchanted Garden Party?

Any kind of garden or botanical themed cocktails of course! The first cocktail that springs to mind is the quintessentially British, English Garden cocktail; a delicious, light and refreshing concoction made from gin, elderflower and cucumber. It’s super easy to make; shake the ingredients, serve with ice and garnish with cucumber ribbons for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Other ideas for Enchanted Garden party drinks include botanical cocktails such as The Lavender Collins, Spiked Hibiscus Iced Tea, Honeysuckle Vodka Lemonade or the Lavender Rose Spritzer. Basically, anything that you can decorate with petals or flowers to make them look pretty and in keep with this stunning summer party theme will make for a great themed drink!

Don’t forget about the non-drinkers of the group, and do offer a nice selection of soft drinks or perhaps you could create some botanical mocktails? Also, do ensure that there’s a good mix of other alcoholic drinks available for those who would prefer beers, cider, wines and spirits.

What should the dress code be for an Enchanted Garden Party?

It’s your party so the dress code is up to you! As it’s a summer party, keep things cool and casual; if it’s a scorching hot day, your guests won’t appreciate wearing stuffy suits and long dresses! Of course, this will be a themed party so those that would like to dress up or add a touch of Enchanted Garden glamour to their outfit should be encouraged – think floral shirts, flower garlands and beautiful accessories. Fancy dress is also a wonderful idea if there will be any little ones present at your event - don’t forget to offer a prize for the best dressed if you include fancy dress on your party invite!

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for an Enchanted Garden Party?

There are so many entertainment ideas that you could incorporate into your Enchanted Garden party this summer, that you really will be spoiled for choice! We’ve included some of our favourite entertainment ideas below;

what’s your favourite?

Meet and greet themed actors

Why not surprise your guests on their arrival to the party with a meet and green from some enchanted woodland fairy folk? It’s the perfect way to get everyone in the mood and warmed up for the incredible extravaganza that lies ahead!

Giant outdoor games

Games aren’t just for kids, so why not arrange to hire some giant novelty games for your event? From a giant drafts or chess set, to giant Jenga and Noughts and Crosses, these games are sure to be a huge hit with your guests. They also make brilliant icebreakers and is an ideal way to get everyone talking and having fun!

DJ and disco

No party is complete without a DJ and disco! Get ready to party the night away with your friends, family and colleagues as the DJ spins the finest selection of party hits and floor fillers, ready for everyone to throw some serious shapes! Why not arrange for your DJ and disco to take place under a marquee? Just in case the heavens open! Live bands/musicians

If you’d like to do something a little difference with the music this year, then how about hiring a live band or musicians? A harp player performing for guests on arrival would create the most tranquil and enchanted setting as they step away from reality and into a whimsical wonderland! A live band is always great fun too – nothing beats hearing your favourite party hits performed live; it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun!

Summer food options for an Enchanted Garden Party

With a summer party that’s outdoors, you open yourselves up to a larger variety of food options for your event. Start your Enchanted Garden party off with some tasty canapes to work up everyone’s appetite for the main course. Classic canapes include the likes of salmon and cream cheese blinis, mini cheeseburgers and mini vegetarian sausage rolls! Being outside also means that you’d be able to hire caterers to cook up a sizzling barbeque feast for your guests. Cater for your group and include crowd pleasers such as Swedish meatball burgers, pulled pork burgers, halloumi and vegetable skewers, griddled aubergines, maple glazed hot wings and of course, corn on the cob! Don’t forget to provide salads and pasta too as sides, and include plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, along with gluten free buns and baps.

A summer buffet is always a winner for a garden party; from various salad and pasta dishes, to finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, party eggs and plenty more. A buffet allows your guests to eat as little or as much as they like (within reason!).

Are there any extras that you’d recommend for an Enchanted Garden Party?

If you’re opting for this magical theme for your company’s summer party, including complimentary drink tokens for your guests will always be well received, along with transportation to and from the event if your enchanted garden is taking place in a rural location.