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Frequently asked questions about Stag Fake Arrest Experiences & Activities

How old do you have to be to take part in a stag fake arrest?

All members of your group must be aged 18+

Will we get in trouble?

No, these experiences are completely fake and are organised by our trusted activity providers

Should I tell the rest of the group about the stag fake arrest?

This is completely up to you! Although, we would suggest telling only the most trustworthy members of your group - after all, you don't want to spoil the big surprise!

Stag Fake Arrest Experiences in the UK and Europe

If you’re the kind of group who loves to prank each other, this hilarious experience will have everyone in stitches. A stag fake arrest does exactly what it says on the tin; the groom-to-be, birthday boy or victim of your choice will be arrested by a fake policeman. The details of the arrest can be tailored to your group, but the best pranks often involve the policeman checking the victim’s ID. They’ll find a problem with it and arrest them immediately, taking them to a private room to frighten the life out of them before the hysterical hoax is uncovered. Just imagine the look on his face when he discovers he’s been stitched up by the group! Don’t forget to take photos and film the events unfolding on your smartphone to laugh at again later. It’s up to you who you tell.

You might to want to let the whole group in on the plan or maybe just tell a few of them so you can chuckle at the surprise on the other group member’s faces. If you fancy getting your mate banged up abroad, why not try out this stag arrest experience in Budapest or Prague? They’ll be arrested and taken to a private room in a bar or club by the fake policeman. But once he discovers he’s been the victim of a prank, he (and the rest of you) will be treated to a private show from a seductive stripper. This little treat should soften the blow of his humiliation at least and put him back in a good mood for the rest of your trip away. Whether you’re celebrating a big event like a stag do or birthday party or just fancy a silly activity, the stag fake arrest will leave all of you with hilarious memories.