Escape Rooms in Berlin

Crack codes, hunt for clues and solve puzzles to get out of one of the exciting Escape Rooms in Berlin. Come and show us what you’re made of!

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Berlin Escape Rooms

The door clicks shut, the clock ticks down and all you’ve got to help you are clues you have to figure out in order to escape! Make sure you bring your quick-thinking and problem-solving skills if you want to beat an Escape Room! With just 60-minutes on the clock, your group must find a way out by answering questions, solving puzzles and completing challenges.

This fun game is bound to be a highlight of your trip away whether it’s for a Berlin hen party, stag do, birthday bash or just a weekend away with friends. There’s no better way to try something new and put your teamwork to the test! Whether you’ve already tried a few of these, or are a complete newbie to the concept, you’ll love every minute of playing detective with these Escape Rooms.

Work as a team to crack clues

Escape Rooms in Berlin

Escape Rooms are currently taking the world by storm! Join the latest craze and head on this adventure to see how you fare against that ticking clock. After you’ve seen the sights and explored the city, this is an awesome way to re-group and strengthen your group’s bond as you search the room for clues and try to solve puzzles.

In case you don’t already know, let us fill you in on how this fun activity works. Escape Games give you a series of clues and puzzles to crack in order to get onto the next clue and so on before you solve the last puzzle and escape from the room! However, the clock is ticking down, so you need to make sure you figure out the clues before the time runs out or you’ll be locked in there forever. Ok, that’s not true but it adds to the drama! Of course, you can leave the room at any time but it’s more fun to imagine you can’t!

What happens if I feel claustrophobic?

If you start to feel claustrophobic or would like to leave the room for any reason please don’t hesitate to notify a member of staff. If you’re feeling particularly nervous just ask the staff members if they can leave the door open for you so you can focus on the game rather than worrying about the room! The only thing you need to think about is working together within your team so you can crack the puzzles before the time runs out! These rooms aren’t designed to scare you, the main focal point is on having a good time and enjoying your experience so there’s no need to feel anxious beforehand. Just ask the activity provider in advance if you’d like to check out the rooms before playing and most are more than willing to accommodate.

Can I leave the room?

This will depend on each individual escape room. Even if you are allowed, just bear in mind the clock won’t stop for your toilet break or phone call, so don’t let your friends down by wasting precious time! Make sure you’re in the room for as long as possible so you can have the best chance of beating the escape room before you run out of time.

What’s next?

These immersive Escape Rooms will get everyone involved and having fun. Read our listings now for more information. Once you’ve decided on a great escape room just enquire where this will send a direct message to the activity provider. From here you can message directly with the activity provider and ask them any questions you have.


  • Are we really stuck in there?

    No, the door is shut but you can leave the room at any time.

  • Can I use the toilet?

    Yes, but be warned the clock won’t stop!

  • Are escape rooms claustrophobic?

    The size of the escape room varies from venue to venue. But you can of course leave the room at any moment should you want to.

  • Can we use our mobile phones during the game?

    No! No cheating allowed. That spoils the fun. Work as a team and put your detective caps on and you’ll do fine.

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