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Hen Do Accommodation

Hen Accommodation

It isn’t easy to book hen do accommodation for large groups, with many venues having a strict no-hen policy. Fortunately, we have listed a great range of hotels, houses and apartments which are worth considering. Available throughout the UK, we have listed options to match every budget, from the affordable options as somewhere to rest the head, to the luxurious buildings which will leave the bride flattened with joy.

From cocktail making to afternoon tea, we have the best activities covered, now it’s the time to find the perfect hen party accommodation.

Picking the right place

It isn’t easy to decide where you want to stay and in what type of building, but you need to think what you plan on doing and how ‘wild’ your group is. For example, hen groups tend to prefer booking party houses, however these tend not to be offered to stag groups as they have a tendency to cause damage. This can cost your group a lot, so if you think there is a member of your team that might cause a bit too much damage then you might want to stick to a hotel. If you want to push the boat out and live the high life then it is worth taking a look through some of the premium hotel options. If you just want somewhere to rest your head and you’re not fussed about where then stick to the budget selection, however for everyone in between there are the standard hen hotels.
























Top Tips - What to look out for

When picking the right hen hotel for you, there are a number of factors that you should consider. First is the location. We will try to provide as much detail as possible regarding the hotel, however you might want to research a little into the hotel location and proximity to other activities. Secondly is whether you require parking and whether this is available close by. Many hen groups tend to hire out cars or a mini bus, so if you are then you will have to consider how easy it will be to find a space for free. You should also consider what each hotel provides, from WIFI access to an on-site bar. If anyone in your group has some form of disability, then we recommend checking to ensure it is detailed as having disabled facilities. If you love breakfast as much as we do and you can handle eating with a hangover then you will want to take note of the breakfast time, or at least for the people who can handle getting up early. Finally, it is worth writing down the check-in and check-out time, so you don’t get in trouble for leaving a little late.


Why do some hotels not allow hen parties?

Over time, some hen and stag groups have given others a bad name by causing damage to rooms or making too much noise. For this reason, we generally recommend arriving at the hotel in a calm manner and avoiding fancy dress when you first arrive.

What is the most important factor when booking hen do accommodation?

While for some it might be the price, we strongly recommend you look at the proximity to both the activities you are performing as well as the form of transport everyone is taking. You might want to be reachable from a station if a large portion of you are travelling from far away. On the other hand, if you want to have a short walk back after a night out on the town then you might want to pick a city centre hotel.

Why aren’t there more hen party houses and cottages?

While these are a popular option for those looking to book their hen accommodation, it can be very difficult to both find a relevant house and one that is ok with hen groups. The reality is even if you find a big house, you still might need beds for 16 people (on average), which can be very difficult to find. Many household owners are also worried about items in their house being damaged, instead focusing their efforts towards family holidays.

When should I book my hen do accommodation?

You should make sure you have exact numbers of people who are 100% attending and they are ready and willing to pay. Some hotels will allow for a small deposit to be paid, while others will require the money upfront. Most people look to book the accommodation around the same time they are booking the hen do activities, approximately 6 months in advance.