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Organising and heading on a stag do is a rite of passage for every groom-to-be. Whether you choose to go all out on one night in the UK or spend the weekend away, whether you choose to organise lots of day-time activities or want a big blow out in the evening - a stag do is done your way. But, why is it called a stag do? What's the point in having a stag do? What's the best way to organise one, and who should you invite? And lastly, where can you get stag do ideas? Look no further! Read this ultimate stag do guide for the answers to all these questions and more, as well as some top stag do ideas.

The History of Stag Do's

Why is it called a stag do in the UK?

A stag is typically known as masculine and male in the animal kingdom in the UK and therefore used in the term stag do, whereas in Australia they call it a buck's night, and in the United States a bachelor party. All these names mean the same thing - your last night of freedom! A party, do, or downright fancy soiree is held in honour of the groom-to-be's last night or weekend before he gets married. Although this usually doesn't occur the night before the wedding anymore as there have been too many stitch ups where the groom has come to the wedding late and with shaved eyebrows or his arm in a sling! Although there's sure to be a hilarious story behind this, you don't want the bride reigning down on you on her special day.

Who invented the stag do?

The premise of a stag do dates as far back to the 5th Century B.C. with the Spartans. They would celebrate the man's last night before marriage with food and a toast. In the 14th Century, the term bachelor referring to an unmarried man was noted in a collection of stories, whereas prior to this, the term bachelor meant a young knight in training. In the 1800s, an incident involving a police officer, a naked dancer and a stag party went down in history as the police officer interrupted and broke off the party. This event caused the 'behind closed doors' nature of bachelor parties to be brought to light.

Why Have a Stag Do?

Whether you're absolutely certain or still need convincing, here are the top 5 reasons why you should definitely have a stag do:

Get the boys together

There's nothing better than getting the boys together. Now you can invite them along to a whole day, night or weekend of debauchery and silliness as you embark on the groom-to-be's final journey as a single man. It's down to you to give him one to remember.

What happens on a stag do, stays on a stag do

If you've had a little too much to drink and you end up spewing your dinner on the street corner, or you find yourself in a compromising position with no recollection of how you got there, we can't guarantee you won't get endless banter from the lads, but you can rest assured they won't spread this back to anyone who wasn't on the stag do.

Escape the stress of planning

With endless decisions to make from the table decorations to who sits next to who for the reception, it's nice to take a break and step out of the situation. All those decisions and planning will still be there when you get back so it's nice to get away and enjoy some time off with your friends.

All eyes on you

When do you ever get the chance to head away for a night or weekend of fun with your friends where the focus is solely on you and making sure you're the one having a good time? Only once! And that's for your stag do! Don't miss this opportunity to let loose and create some unforgettable memories.

Celebrate your last night

There's no other time you get to celebrate a whole night or weekend that's dedicated just to you. Now's your chance to do all the activities you've wanted, or head to that top destination on your bucket list. And the best things is, everyone else has to follow suit! You really are calling all the shots here, so head to that capital city or jump on a jet ski and let the boys give you a memorable time.

When Should You Have the Stag Do?

Now, you could have the stag do as close to the wedding day as possible, even the night before. However, we strongly advise against this unless you know it's going to be a very quiet and sensible one! For everyone else, make sure it's well in advance so your eyebrows can grow back or your arm's out of that sling from attempting a back flip into the pool! The best time of year to go completely depends on when your wedding day is. For most, January is a pretty hard month for cash so it may be best to avoid the first few months of the year as everyone recovers from Christmas spending. Spring and Autumn are a great time to go away and get some sun in a European country away from the rainy and cold days back here. Summer is also a great time to head on your stag do but bear in mind prices might peak at this time so flights, hotels and activities may increase. If you're planning a staycation stag do and wish to stay in the UK, most times of year will be fine to travel.

How Do I Plan a Stag Do?

If you're stuck at what to do next and how to get the ball rolling - fear not! We've taken it upon ourselves to guide you through how to plan a stag do, whether that's a night out in your hometown or a long weekend abroad.

Who plans a stag do?

Whether you're the stag and want to take total control, you're the best man and want to plan surprises or you're the entire stag group and want to collaborate together - the choice is yours. Like we said, it really doesn't matter who plans the stag do, just that it gets planned! If you work on it altogether, delegate a project leader who can oversee the plans to make the chaos a little more organised!

Read on for a short guide on how to plan a stag do in 5 simple steps:

How do I organise a stag do abroad?

All you've got to do is follow the 5 steps we've outlined, and you'll be well on your way to organising a top stag do abroad. The only extra things you'll need to think about are flights costs as these will bring the overall cost of the stag do up instead of having a staycation stag do. In addition to this, you might have to do a little more research around getting to and from the airport, whether you want to try public transport, hop in taxis or organise transfers privately.

Here's a quick checklist for do's and don'ts of planning a stag do


Plan everything in advance

From accommodation to activities, you'll need to create an itinerary for everyone before you go.


Keep to the budget

This is really important as everyone involved will want to avoid spiralling costs. The last thing you want is people feeling pressured or ending up in debt after the stag do.


Try and keep the groom-to-be in mind

If the stag wants to have a night out in his hometown then don't organise a big weekend abroad and vice versa! Of course, you can organise some surprises along the way but try to generally stick to what the stag actually wants.


Leave things to the last minute

Being organised is the key to everything running smoothly.


Feel pressured to handle everything yourself

If you're feeling like you've bitten off more than you can chew, just ask one of the other groomsmen to help you out.

Who should I invite to a stag do?

As a stag do is all for the groom-to-be, it might be a good idea to actually ask him who he wants to invite along to his stag do. As well as letting you know who they definitely don't want to invite! You don't want an awkward encounter with the stag as you surprise him with a room full of people he's fallen out with. If you think you know the stag extremely well, and let us emphasis, extremely well, then you can do the guest list yourself - just make sure to include any siblings, university or old work friends. And of course, rope any of the other groomsmen in on helping you sort out the guest list if you end up getting a little stuck.

Should you invite your father on your stag do?

This is completely down to you now. If the stag is close with his dad, it might be worth inviting him along; this is all dependent on what shenanigans you have planned though! If he's up for a laugh this will work perfectly, but if he's a little more conservative it might be best to leave him at home if you're planning on a bungee jump in Krakow or white water tubing and cliff jumping in Newcastle. Some people consider throwing two stag do's, one where no holds are barred, and one which is a little tamer such as a meal out in the stag's hometown.

You can invite any and all family members to the tamer stag do and either head to a restaurant for a meal out in the evening or why not try something a little different and head on a day activity such as School Sports Day where everyone can get involved, even the stag's grandad! Hosting two stag do's might be a better way of doing it so you don't leave anyone out. This way, you can let loose on the stag do with your mates without worrying about what your dad, step-dad, grandad, or even what the bride's dad might think!

Someone has asked if he can bring a friend to the stag do

This is normal. It's down to you whether you want to keep it as a tight knit group or whether you're happier with the more the merrier. You'll just need to make sure they'll get on with the group and are up for doing all the activities you have planned. Although there are some things to consider when you let one person bring a plus one - everyone might start asking you! As long as you can accommodate them and they'll fit in with the group, it's up to you, or the stag, whether you're happy with adding more people to the guest list.

Can you invite women to a stag do?

In short, yes of course you can. If the groom-to-be has female friends and he wants his closest mates at his stag do then by all means invite them along. Just bear in mind they might not want to stay in a 20-bed all-male dorm room in a hostel in Prague, or they might completely love this! Just keep the lines of communication open with them as they might want separate rooms or opt out of certain activities.

Can You Have a Joint Stag and Hen Do?

Joint stag and hen parties are becoming increasingly popular and it's not really surprising as lots of long-term couples have mutual friends. If the bride and groom would like to celebrate together, a joint stag and hen party is definitely something to consider.

What is a sten do?

As you've probably guessed (you clever things!), a sten do is a joint hen and stag do where the bride-to-be and groom-to-be celebrate their upcoming wedding with each other and their friends. This is also known as a hag do.

What are the benefits of a sten do?

For one, there's no need to worry or feel jealous about what your other half is up to on their weekend of drunken debauchery. Though try to remember, a sten do shouldn't be about overcoming trust issues; it should be about having double the fun! Secondly, it can help keep prices down, especially if you're having a sten weekend away as the bride and groom can share a room.

Sten do ideas

You might not be able to do some of the activities you had in mind if it was just a stag do, however, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of activities you can do altogether. Why not try out Paintballing? Pit the groom-to-be against the bride-to-be as they each choose their teams for battle. This is a great way to get everyone involved and some friendly rivalry between the bride and groom!

For some more chilled out activities you could try Pizza Making, Nude Life Drawing with both a male and female nude model, or even an Escape Room to get everyone working together to solve the puzzles. Whatever you choose to do, there are some great activities to suit everyone if you opt to go for a sten - or hag - do!

How Much Should a Stag Do Cost?

What to take into consideration

Of course, it's difficult to put an exact number on it as every stag do is different. Are you heading on a weekend away or just a night out in your home city? Are there four of you or are there 40 of you? Is it in peak season? These are all things you'll need to take into consideration when booking your perfect stag do. A stag do in the UK is generally cheaper than heading abroad but if you're going to a cheap European destination and your main cost is the flight, this could actually work out at the same price or cheaper.

Should you pay for the stag at a stag do?

Although this is not compulsory, it's certainly a nice gesture and one the groom-to-be will remember forever. It also doesn't hurt your chances that when the time comes for your own stag do, they might repay the favour and you'll get to go for free too! Group together with the other people in your group and all chip in, this makes it far easier on your wallet and gives everyone a chance to get involved.

How to plan a stag do on a budget

If you're looking to go all out without hitting your wallet too hard, then read on for our guide on how to keep those costs down for a stag do.

Set a budget

This seems like an easy one but don't just go plucking numbers out of the air. Sit down, write a list of things you'd like to do and research, research, research! Then come together with the group and see what people can and can't do within their own budgets. You can then adjust the activities or destination accordingly.

Book the stag do activities early

It's best to get those activities booked in as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. With Fizzbox, you can pay just a 20% deposit to secure your activities and pay the remaining balance shortly before you depart on your activities. This means you can save up your pennies and don't have to pay out early all in one big lump sum.

Research the location

You'll need to start thinking about travel costs early on and this is where your budget will come into play! Don't plan a seven day bender in Las Vegas if the majority of the group can't afford to go. Think about the different seasons, on and off peak times and the cost of flights. Alternatively, there are some great cities in the UK to head to, this way the costs are kept down in comparison to going abroad and more people might be able to come.

Really think about the guest list

Number one rule - bear the stag in mind! Who would they want at their stag do? Don't just think about who you'd get on with! So, whether there's a small group or you've invited your neighbour and his dog - it's best to think about this early and send those invites out so everyone can start to save their money.

One night and one night only

If your group is really strapped for cash why not just have one helluva night out? Not everyone needs to do a full weekend of activities. Take it back to basics with a last night of freedom.


Again, your stag do doesn't have to be a blow-out event across the globe. Why not think about an alternative stag do idea and book the stag's other half into a nice hotel. Now you can put on a stay at home night in for you and your group. Think a mobile cocktail bar, endless games and takeaways to your heart's content.

Stag Do Etiquette

Stag Do do's and don'ts

Want to know how to avoid creating any friction within the group? Here's our top tips:


Drink too much

There's always one person in your group who goes overboard with the drinking - make sure it's not you! Certainly, have a drink and have fun but know your limits. You don't want to upset the stag or anyone else in the group with drunken antics you'll regret in the morning!


Be difficult

Don't expect everyone in your group to have the money to do everything you want to, and don't get upset when they can't! The aim of your stag do is to ultimately have fun with your mates. So, don't go falling out with any of them - the cost of your friendship is not worth it for a night out of drunken antics.


Leave forget anyone

Make sure to think of everyone you want there. In most cases, people from different groups will all come together for your stag do. Work, school, university, family, family friends, neighbours, the list goes on! If you see someone on their own make sure to include them in the activities. It can be daunting coming into a big group.


Remember the stag

Don't get caught up in the activities and forget this is all about the stag himself. Make sure to plan some surprises along the way and give him the centre of attention at all times.


Take loads of photos

This is a once in a lifetime night or weekend for the stag so what better way to remember than with photos. This especially comes in handy if you've had a little too much to drink and can't remember the night from memory! Just remember, these photos, of course, do not have to be shared with anyone else outside of your stag do group.


Drink plenty of water

Yes, yes, we know - we're sorry! But this is essential! If you want to feel on top form and enjoy the stag do, it's important you're feeling fit and well to participate in everything. This tip will definitely come in handy before, during and after a night out.

What to bring to a stag do

A few essentials you might not have thought about are costumes, camera and a pack of cards. If you want to royally embarrass the stag, the only thing to do is to bring a humiliating costume he has to wear. And even some costumes or props for you and your group to sport too. A camera will see you remembering all those moments from the stag do and a pack of cards is a great way to pass time in the airport, or play a drinking game in a pub. Of course, remembering your wallet, I.D. and phone are all a given!

What to put in a stag do survival kit

Although this isn't a necessity for a great stag do, you and your group will certainly appreciate it when you're peckish, lost in a city or hungover. Now, what should you include? A power bank is a must - keeping connected is key if someone wanders off or you're abroad and not sure of your way around. Snacks are always a good idea as who doesn't love food? And finally, a hangover kit to include painkillers, sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright daylight when you're out at breakfast and of course a fizzy energy drink to get your sugar levels back up and yourself back in the game! This isn't an exhaustive list, get creative and see what else you can include.

Stag do ideas

What activities are best for a stag do?

This totally depends what you're into but activities that everyone in your group can participate in are the best such as Paintballing or booking a table at a restaurant. Activities that don't require prior experience is definitely something to consider when booking too.

How many stag activities should we do?

You can fit a lot of activities in a day but if you're thinking about a stag weekend then you might want to spread them out a bit more. It can get tiring trying to do too much so make sure to pace yourselves! Although this might seem obvious, book a table at a restaurant for some food, especially if you're a large group, as a restaurant might not be able to accommodate you on the day. You'll also need to give yourself enough time to get back to your accommodation and get ready if you're heading on a night out. These are just a few things to consider when planning the stag do - you might even want to draw up a schedule to give out, so everyone knows where they need to be and at what time.

Laid-back stag do ideas

If you're looking to take it slow and enjoy your day or weekend at a reasonable pace then check out these laid-back stag do ideas.


If you're jetting off to a sunny location, why not relax by the swimming pool with a Water Park? You can float down on a rubber dingy, laze by the pool, or head on some fun water rides. So, whatever you're into, your whole group can do something different and enjoy themselves.


There's nothing better then sitting down to a delicious meal and enjoying tasty food with your friends. Whatever cuisine you're into, Fizzbox has sourced the best restaurants around, even for the fussiest of eaters! So, you'll know that wherever you go you can raise a glass to the stag and get some good food in before hitting the town.

Bottomless Brunch

This is another one for the foodies. A Bottomless Brunch is a great idea to get your group together, enjoying food and sipping down on bottomless drinks. Toast the stag and use this activity as a fun and alternative way to spend your special day. Bottomless Brunch's usually last around two hours so you've got plenty of time to get the drinks in before heading off for more activities.

Active stag do ideas

Give your group the run around and get them participating in some physical exercise on your stag do. Get that friendly competition going and even create some fun forfeits for the losing team.

School Sports Day

Go back in time with this fun activity as you see yourself playing games you haven't thought about in years! Whether you're running with an egg and spoon, hopping along in a sack or tied to someone else's leg in the three-legged race, you'll either be hysterically laughing on the side-lines or determined to see the race through!

White Water Sports

If you're looking to do something different but active, then hop into the water and try out these White Water Sports. From White Water Rafting, Cliff Jumping or White Water Tubing, you're spoilt for choice at what your next activity can be. With all equipment provided, you just need to turn up ready to get stuck in.

Go Karting

Get that adrenaline pumping with this Go Karting activity. See who in your group is the best driver once and for all. Tear off around the track and really push that pedal to the metal as you see who has the fastest lap time - just make sure it's you, as the winner will gain bragging rights for the rest of the trip!

Quad Biking

Get into the great outdoors and breathe in that fresh air as you race around the outdoor track on your quad bikes. Whether you're following a guide off-road, or hurtling around a purpose built track, Quad Biking is an activity everyone in your group is going to love.

Alternative stag do ideas

Give your group a unique stag do and try out one of these wacky activities for your special day or weekend.

Escape Rooms

Working in a team is a must-do for these escape rooms. You'll have to work together in order to crack the clues and make your way out of the locked room. Usually, you'll have an hour on the clock so be as quick as you can, or you might be locked in there forever!

Axe Throwing

Give your group something different to do on your stag do. Try out this activity that no one will have done before - Axe Throwing! It's pretty simple, you'll be given a safety briefing before you start throwing axes at a target. Who'll have the best shot?

Zombie Experience

If you're into your horror or thriller films, you've got to head to this Zombie Experience in Birmingham. This immersive experience will see you transported to a post-apocalyptic world where you'll have to creep past zombies and fight them off when the time comes - do you have what it takes to come face to face with the undead?

Jedi Training

Take up your light saber and head to battle against the dark side with this Jedi Training activity. You'll be taught the ways of the Jedi including how to move that light saber in a battle scenario. Get your group together and even come in fancy dress to really make the most of this experience.

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