You've been looking forward to your hen party for months, but now the weekend is around the corner and those dreaded spots have appeared on your chin. During teenage years, spots can coat every part of the skin, however in adult life they tend to feature only in certain areas. One of the most vulnerable locations on women for spots is the chin and the jawline, so below we have covered some of the reasons and what you need to know in order to fix the situation.

Most Common Reason

Despite the misconception that it is down to acne, a large portion of the time when spots are located on the chin, it is to do with a hormonal change in the body. Spots being specifically located on the chin, especially at certain times, could be pointing towards a particular diagnosis, which is often ignored. Another inevitable issue relating to hormones could be that your period is contributing to the issue.

spots on chin

The Ideal Solution

I won't spend too much on this point, as it will frustrate most just reading it, but the common source for these spots in adults on the chin and jawline is due to stress (which can heavily affect the hormonal balance). 

This could understandably be an issue if the wedding is around the corner and money is tight, however saying 'don't be stressed' would probably annoy me more than anything else. It is however worth considering taking up a few minor changes, which I've listed below:

Ensuring you get 8 hours sleep. It might seem difficult, but set a bed time and it should help. Take up yoga, even if just watching a YouTube video from the comfort of your living room. Cut down on caffeine. Overconsumption of coffee isn't the solution to feeling exhausted during the day. If you're stuck in front of a computer screen all day at work, try to take a few minutes out at lunch to walk around. This will work better if there is a park located close by. Take your eyes away from your mobile, you don't want to simply switch screens. Listen to classical FM. This one actually works a charm. If you can't stand Classic FM, then maybe try Magic FM.


Your Diet

I'm often against highlighting diet too much when talking about spots, as it is often blamed for an outbreak of spots, despite their often being a lack of evidence supporting this theory. 90% of the time it relates to hormones or a health issue, therefore diet shouldn't be the go-to thought, however if you have been eating a large amount of rich and heavy foods then this could be adding to the issue.

Try to ensure you are consuming enough fibre, while you might want to swap some of your foods out for vegetables. My favourite dish when I'm trying to improve my diet is to cook a giant stir fry. This way, you can keep all the leftovers in tupperware and take it to work the next day (either eating it cold or heating it up again in the microwave). One tip on this matter, don't include beansprouts, as they shouldn't be re-heated later on.

It is also possible you have food allergies (or a certain level of intollerance) that could be causing an outbreak. It can be difficult to find out exactly which foods are affecting you, but a change in your diet could significantly help solve the issue.

sweat on forehead

Consider Your Exercise Cleanliness

Exercise can help lower your stress levels and help to release endorphins, however the inevitable issue some people have is that the sweat clogs up your pores and leads to acne. There are however some quick ways to resolve this issue:

Clean your face straight after a workout. I wouldn't directly recommend any particular products, as many can cause more issues than actually solve them, but if you shower directly after a workout then this will be good enough. If you do use something to clean the skin, try a probiotic cleanser, while you should also look out for a product which contains salicylic acid, as this has been shown to help reduce the dirt trapped in pores. What you might not realise you are doing is during a workout people often touch their own face. Their hands are covered in bacteria, which spread to the open pores. Bring a towel with you, if you need to rub the sweat off, but forget using your hands! Don't go overboard with the makeup. As you sweat more, the pores will open up, while some of the makeup can get caught in the skin, leading to blackheads, whiteheads etc. Go for mineral based powders, preferably 'breathable' ones. Moisturising is very good for the skin, but try to opt for an 'oil free' version. Make sure it is 'non-comedogenic'.