Knowing how to budget for a hen weekend is important. There’s nothing worse than the distressing aftermath of a well-planed budget that’s been blown out the window. That’s why getting your budget properly put in place and your finances in order is important to avoid that extra stress.  

You’ll find comfort in knowing how much you have to put aside. This way you don’t have to worry about your day-to-day finances and wedding costs on top of the hen party. 

We have surveyed 200 of our previous customers and averaged out the cost of a hen weekend so you ladies have a better idea of how much a bachelorette party should cost. 

Of course, this is all dependent on where you decide to go and what you do so, to make it a fair test, we’ve taken averages from customers who have gone to an array of destinations in the UK and abroad. 

We discovered that the average hen spent around £250 on the weekend. Let’s break this down some more.

Food and Drink 

Possibly the most necessary element of your hen weekend – the wining and dining!  A hen weekend away is an excuse to overindulge and get the alcohol flowing more than you perhaps would at home. That’s why food and drink is a large contributor to your weekend budget. 

In our survey of 200 customers asked, the average spend came in at £150 - £180. This may seem like quite a hefty chunk of the total but eating and drinking is the epicentre of a social weekend, so this is to be expected.
We offer lots of restaurant and bar experiences at fantastic group prices, so make sure to check out our listings.

Here are some budget-friendly options in some of our most popular hen destinations.


Cocktail Masterclass and Two Course Meal - Las Iguanas - £35 per person

Cocktail Brunch – Metrodeco - £21 per person 


Cocktail Making Followed by Two Course Meal - Revolution - £35 per person 


Cocktail Masterclass and Two Course Meal – Tapas Revolution - £35 per person 


Three Course Meal and Drink – La Tasca - £20 per person 


Cutting travel costs is important if you want to keep in budget during your hen weekend. For us Brits, forking out for travel costs is pretty much unavoidable. 

You can help yourselves by using public transport or pre-booking a private transfer from the airport to your accommodation (if travelling abroad). Transfers are cheaper than taxis and will give you peace of mind before stepping off the plane. You don’t want to be stung by local taxi prices. 

In the UK, Ubers are a great alternative to the traditional taxi. However, Sstating the obvious, walking around is one of the few things in life that is still free! Going on a hen weekend in Lisbon, for example, is great for walking because the city is so close together. 

If possible, make sure to plan and select drinking venues that are both close to your activities and your accommodation. 

Below are some average taxi fares so you can guestimate your own rough cost. On our survey, hens on average spent £60 each on travel over the course of the weekend.

London Taxi – 2 miles = £8.80 - £14
Uber – 2 Miles = £2.50

Benidorm Taxi - Day: €3.25 base then 0.89 per km Night (after 22:00): €3.99 base then €1.00 per km

Please be aware that these may differ depending on time and day of booking 


No hen weekend is complete without crude paraphernalia, rude t-shirts and penis straws. So, this stuff has to be added to the budget as well. On average our hens spent £10-£15. Taking all this into consideration our hens spent about £250 each on their weekends without accommodation and activities. Including accommodation and activities, our hens spent another £200, bringing the total spend to roughly £450.

Thorough planning and organisation despite being labour intensive, will not only save you from disappointment it could also save you money. Booking your activities in large groups and booking in advance can often reduce costs. Make sure to check out our listings and do your research. We've got tons of fantastic and fairly priced experiences that are sure to kick your hen weekend off to an epic start. 

A Few Other Tips  

If you’re going abroad, make sure you take into consideration that there may not be WiF and sometimes accommodation can charge huge rates for the rental of their WiFi. Check out what your mobile server offers, sometimes bolt-ons are really worth it, however, if you’re not bothered, make sure you switch off your data roaming too as this could also mean you may be charged. 

Also note that if you are travelling abroad, flights are cheapest when they are first released so booking early will certainly save you money. If you know where you want to go and aren’t looking for last minute offers, then you can also take the leg work out of trawling through flights regularly to see when flying is cheap. Visit your preferred airlines’ websites and sign up to newsletters and receive emails for flash sales. 
It’s fair to say on occasions, it is difficult to part with hard earned pennies but it’s certainly a lot easier to spend money when you’re having a great time. If it’s good value, it’s money well spent! So ladies, don’t spend money unnecessarily, organisation is the vital concept to reduce your weekend costs off