Hen Parties have been a staple of marriage in western culture, but cultures are ever changing and there is no standard way of celebrating the bride-to-be’s last night. This includes when the hen should be. Now the typical time between a hen and wedding is one month. There are plenty of variables to this however.


What is the traditional gap between a hen party and wedding?

A hen party traditionally is the last night before marriage. It was not as common as the man’s stag do and is first seen mentioned in America in the late 19th Century. Hen party was more a term for a party of women in general, but after the sexual revolution of the 1960’s it was brought alongside the men and a tradition of the modern wedding. It became the night before big day but much like the men’s version it was soon taken over by a culture of drinking. This lead to it being quite difficult to do just before a wedding.


What is the modern gap for a hen to wedding?

With drinking becoming a larger part of the night, hen nights were pushed back to the weekend before to let everyone recover. By taking up a whole weekend there was much more time for doing other things too and the modern hen party concept was born.

UK travelling allowed hens to go all over the country in search of an amazing time and the industry grew and we were born! As travel got easier the amount of days dedicated to a hen grew.

Modern travel prices dropped and hen’s eyes turned towards the continent and the possibility of a **hen party in the sun**. All of this meant for a better time but also meant more planning. The abroad hen party had to be pushed further back to accommodate everyone and the activities. Now a month is usually the common time to have your hen night before the wedding.


When should you have a hen party if travelling abroad?

Weddings have a high season in the summer. With most of them falling between June and October. This sounds good for a sunny hen but it also means higher prices and premium priced travel. If you are looking to go abroad then summer is vital to get a good time though. **Many destinations abroad will be buzzing in the summer months** and the weather is not as good in the winter in Eastern Europe as it is in the summer. You think the UK gets cold, try Prague!

Organising all the hens together will get difficult so to find dates that suit everyone you may have to move the hen back back so the gap is larger. If you are putting a lot of effort to travel there is no reason a summer hen can’t be had for a winter wedding ahead.



When should you have a hen in the UK?

Having you hen party in the UK means you can bring it closer to the wedding. It is much easier for a hungover bride to get back from Bournemouth than it is from Vegas! It will also be easier to get hens on board so the flexibility of when you can have your hen could be brought closer to the wedding. Lets be honest the closer to the wedding, the more traditional. It did used to be the night before after all. The time of year does not affect you when you have your hen in the UK. The fact this country is used to terrible weather means we are built for it. All our UK activities are a great choice if you want to have your hen near a winter wedding. Many of them are enjoyable and indoors!


How activities can affect when your hen takes place?

Before you start looking for things to do a month before, your timing may be changed by the types of activities you want to do. Having an exciting adrenaline fuelled hen party is great. **Our Snowdonia hen parties are perfect for this**, but of course they are in northern Wales. Therefore anytime outside of the summer months could potentially be drowned out. If this is desperately what you want to do but it is a winter wedding you may want to have the hen in the summer before!

In Conclusion

As hen parties grow in scope so does the gap between them and the weddings. Hen parties should be big, as they see off your best mate to a life of marriage. It could be your last big night out with them. So why not go big. A month before the wedding is obviously a great time to do it and keep it within the time of the wedding to make it relevant. But don’t feel constrained by this. Our advice is to plan what kind of hen party you want and what your activities should be before you start looking at calendar dates. This way you won’t be disappointed if your time of year doesn’t fall into your activity wishes. When you decide what you want the time to have it will arise without you knowing it!